Let’s be honest men, interior design is not our strong point. We’ll plaster all of our favourite bits and pieces onto the walls of our man caves and leave the rest bare (apart from the odd ping pong table or foosball table). So I thought I’d try and help you out by showing off 5 of the best coffee tables that could really improve your man cave. I’ve tried to feature tables that will fit every niche, so hopefully, this will give you some ideas to kit out your man cave with the best coffee tables I’ve seen online.

  1. Vasagle Coffee Table

As rustic, industrial coffee tables go, this one really struck a chord with me. if you’ve got a rustic/old school man cave then this coffee table would be absolutely perfect for you. It’s minimalistic, rustic and has plenty of storage for all of you man cave accessories.

You could leave this as it is or decorate it even more with some kind of rustic lamp or some comics/magazines. But even if you just left it alone and whacked it in the middle of your man cave then you’d be absolutely fine.

2. Rustic Chic Real Wood Coffee Table

I saw this coffee table on Etsy and automatically thought it would fit perfectly in any kind of rustic/chic style man caves. There’s something about a real wood, rustic table that ticks a lot of boxes for me. Not as practical as the first table we’ve recommended, however as coffee tables go, I thought this one was really smart.

3. Xbox One Inspired Coffee Table

Now this… This is bonkers, crazy and veeeeeery pricey, but I had to feature it on this list. As a centerpiece for a man cave this is ten out of ten. If you’ve got the money to really kit out your man cave and splash out on a coffee table that is going to become a feature piece of your room then you absolutely have to buy this table.

Any Xbox fanatic, with more money than sense, would be crazy not to have this in their gaming-style man cave. If I had the money it would definitely be in mine. However I just can’t justify the price!

4. Modern Drinks Trolley

Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat… It’s not a coffee table, however, it would not look out of place in your man cave as a drinks holder. The best thing is, this can hold loads of drinks and sweet treats. What you’ve also got is the ability to wheel this bad boy around and have it right next to you when you’re gaming/watching a movie.

5. Rustic metal coffee table/bench with storage

If its versatility you want in your man cave, then this coffee table/bench with storage will be a perfect fit for you. Not only does this offer some great storage, but it also offers an extra seat when you’ve got lots of people over. When no one is around it trebles up as your coffee table too.

As a guy who likes functionality, this ticks lots of boxes and offers you lots of options when it comes to extra storage & seating.


Coffee tables are something that are overlooked by man cavers across the world, so hopefully this small list will help inspire you if you’re looking to add some more furniture to the middle of your rooms. As always if you’ve got any questions feel free to email us at kitoutmymancave@gmail.com