Yes I know, no one can hold a poker night at the minute with the current lockdowns… But’ let’s not get too wrapped up in those kinds of details and let’s look forward to the days when you can invite your pals over to your man cave for a poker night.

To make sure it’s the best night possible, you’ll need to take note of 12 of the best items to liven up your man cave poker nights;

1. Poker Table

The life and soul of a good poker night is the table, no one wants to be cramped around a tiny little desk where you can’t store your chips properly or even move your elbows without nudging the person next to you.

As it’s the most important thing for any poker man cave you’ll need to splash out the cash and either make yourself your dream poker table you’ve always wanted or buy yourself a table that is going to really change the evening from a boring dining room table game of poker to an awesome poker game like the ones you see played in Vegas!

We recommend one like the image below;

2. Poker Chips

No one wants to be playing with those cheap and nasty poker chips you can buy for about $10. You want people to pick the chips up at the start of the game and realise that this isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Getting a quality set of poker chips will let people know that you mean business, they should make that crisp metallic/ceramic noise when players move them around the table and play with them in their hands.

If you really want to impress your friends when they come over to play then invest in your poker chips, we recommend this slowplay set from Amazon, they’re 14gram clay poker chips, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

3. Playing Cards

We’ve all been at that poker game where you know you’re playing with thr set of cards that’s been on 15 family holidays, the corners have been chewed and we all know who’s got the Ace of diamonds because there’s a fold mark in the back…

If you really want to impress your friends at your man cave poker night then get yourself some solid poker-specific playing cards. The Bicycle Poker cards have forever been my favourite style and brand they’re affordable, solid and there are so many different styles you can choose from which allows you to change up the deck each time you host a game of cards. In my opinion, you can’t lose with these cards.

4. Speaker System

If you really want to impress when you next get to host a man cave poker night then you should think about investing in some kind of speaker system.

Poker players want to be able to make rash decisions so blasting the music up full volume is not going to be the answer, but having a system that you can play some background music on is going to be a really great addition.

Even just having some kind of Amazon Alexa or Google home pod so your poker players can suggest their own music by shouting out their suggestions. It just adds to the whole experience.

5. Card Shuffler

Definitely not essential, but if you’re all taking it in turns to shuffle and deal then a card shuffler can be a really good investment, it also stops anyone from playing any sleight of hand and rigging what cards people get!

The best bit about having a two deck card shuffler is that you’ll always be ready for the next person to deal, no waiting round for the deck to be shuffled first. Straight into the action each time.

6. Poker Wall Art

Once you’ve got all of the major components above it’s time to set the mood in the room, nothing sets off a man cave poker room better than some cool poker inspired wall art.

Not only will it turn a boring room into a designated poker room, it’ll also send out a message to your friends that you’re not here to mess about.


And that’s it, that’s all you need to create an amazing poker night that your friends would be envious of, use the clickable links above to sort out your poker room in good time ready for when we’re allowed to host poker nights again.

As always make sure you check out our other man cave resources.