As men, we tend to struggle with the artier side of the man cave. We’re very good at picking which pool table or which dartboard to have in our man caves but often struggle to decorate the walls with anything remotely fashionable. So we’ve decided to try and help a little bit and feature the 21 best man cave decor ideas that we’ve seen from our extensive research of the man cave;

Man Cave Decor Ideas No* 1 – Generic Man Cave Sign

The Generic Man Cave Sign is a great place to start for any budding man caver looking to improve their man cave decor. It is a really simple way of claiming the room you now call yours and it’s a sure-fire way to warn everybody else that this is your safe space. A great start, now let us build on this…

Man Cave Decor Ideas No* 2 – Man Cave Rules

Another popular piece of man cave wall decor is the ‘man cave rules’ sign. This is a humorous/passive-aggressive way of stating that this space in the house is mine and I expect people to respect my rules here…another very basic but funny way of decorating your man cave and making it your own.

Man Cave Decor Ideas No* 3 – Branded Metal Merchandise

A man cave decor is not complete nowadays without some kind of metal signage with your favourite brand of beer/liquor on the wall. There are hundreds to choose from and some lesser-known brands like Cubanisto beer sign is worth more than the actual beer itself because of cool the design. Budweiser, Corona and all other beer brands do some great merchandise that will really set the scene in your man cave too, use the links above to check out a whole variety of merchandise style branding.

Man Cave Decor Ideas No* 4 – Canvas Wall Art

As a sporting fan, encapsulating a historic moment with some canvas wall art is a must-have for your man cave decor. The above Kobe Bryant canvas is a favourite of mine as well as the Michael Jordan last-minute game-winning shot. But this style of canvas works for skylines, certain sceneries and all other wide-angle shots.

If you have a large bare wall a canvas style like this will ensure that wall becomes a talking point and not just a blank space, get yourself one of these today by following the link above and you won’t be disappointed!

Man Cave Decor Ideas No* 5 – Wall Stickers

Another cool way to decorate your man cave is with some vinyl wall stickers! On Amazon you can get bespoke stickers with your own name on which I think is pretty cool… They are however notoriously difficult to get off if you change your mind, o place them carefully and only put them up if you’re 99%si certain you’re happy with it.

Man Cave Decor Ideas No* 6 – Framed Jerseys

Again, if you’re not a sports fan then framed jerseys is not something you’re going to want up on your walls. For me though, I absolutely love soccer and I have hundred of old school jerseys wrapped around canvas’ and in frames and this is going to be the main way I decorate my man cave. Again, it’s a talking point and something people can discuss when they come around.

Man Cave Decor Ideas No* 7 – Organised Tools

For most of us, our shed or our garage is our man cave. Mine was when I first started trying to claim back some land in the house… and a clever way to decorate the garage man cave is to get yourself some tool wall storage. Not only will this clean up your man cave but it will also decorate the walls and make it look really smart at the same time. Free up some of the floor space and some drawers in your shed/garage and get them up on the walls like the image above, you’ll be amazed at how much space is saved and at how much better the room will look afterwards!

Man Cave Decor Ideas No* 8 – Geeky Wall Art & Figurines

I know you’re out there, because I am one of you… There are geeky people in this world. Whether you like this kind of thing or hate it you have to admire the amount of work that goes into some of the geeky wall art and figurines that are around today. I went to a local home warehouse recently and this giant spiderman was on the wall. Secretly In my head I was like “I NEED this in my man cave” however… The price tag was just out of this world.

But away from that, there is so much you can buy for your geek cave if you look hard enough, Amazon even has some great bits and pieces like stickers, clocks, canvas paintings and so much more. There’s also the POP toys you can buy that look so cool on your worktop or up on a shelf if you’re into that kind of thing.


There should be enough there to wet your whistle in the world of man cave decor. If you want to get even more ideas for your man cave then make sure you check out more of our blog posts by clicking here