Scrolling through YouTube got me watching a video on a basement man cave from Kedrick Foster. Kedrick has got some great man cave ideas that I just have to share with you. He’s managed to fit so much into space he has and has utilised every inch of the walls and floor, check it out below;

As you come down the stairs into this basement man cave you see the must-have sign that lays claim to the basement, if this sign wasn’t here stray females or children may wander down without realising the severity of what they were doing… I only partly joke, but a man cave sign on the way in is always a great way to set the scene.

From then on though it is a man cave stacked to the brim with all of Kedricks favourite sporting jerseys, movie posters and a fully stocked bar ready for any kind of celebration.

At the bottom of the stairs, you peep round to the left and you have a seating section with some comfy sofas and a large TV up on the wall with yet more sporting jerseys up there too!

This is something that I really admire about Kedrick’s basement man cave. He has made this arcade machine by hand… By using a Raspberry Pi and an online tutorial Kedrick has managed to get all of the most retro games in his man cave in a DIY arcade machine that cost him less than $1000. I’m not much of a modern-day gamer but arcade-style games are something I absolutely love and I am pretty sure if I had something like this in my house I’d never come off it.

In the background you’ve got more sports jerseys and a bar style table that offers some more seating for when you have a few guests over.

If having a hand made arcade machine and huge sofa tv area wasn’t enough then you’ll, even more, be inspired by his bar which sits in the far corner of the basement man cave. Kedrick has managed to kit his man cave bar out with nearly every liquor and mixer imaginable along with yet another TV up on the wall and more sports jerseys. The vintage popcorn machine by the far left is something I absolutely love too. It’s little things like this that give his man cave massive character.

Now, this was the straw that broke this jealous camel’s back…

Not only does Kedrick have his own Arcade machine, Bar, lounge area and every single sporting jersey imaginable, he’s also built himself this kick-ass man cave movie theatre with his favourite movie posters up on the wall, giant projector screen, theatre seating, and DIY sofa bed front and centre for comfy front-row views.


I absolutely love the fact that Kedrick has spent so much time and effort building a lot of this stuff from scratch. Whenever he has come across a problem he has built it himself. Arcade machine too expensive? Learn how to build one, Sofa bed too expensive? Build one yourself.

I believe every man cave needs to have some kind of character and you need to understand the persona of the man who has built the cave. Bland walls is a no go from my point of view and Kedrick has managed to absolute cram his basement man cave with every single item he’s ever wanted to own.

I take my hat off to Kedrick as I know this is a space he is going to enjoy for years and years to come. I want to thank him for speaking with us and sharing images from his man cave so we could hopefully inspire some of you to create your own man cave in the future.

If you want to watch the video from his YouTube Channel then check it out below;