Derek shows us how to turn a basement into a man cave bar!

This week we got the chance to speak with Derek Abad, Derek has managed to turn his basement into a great space for him and his friends to chill, drink beer, watch sports and relax whenever he wants to.

We asked Derek some questions around his Man Cave Decor & his man cave bar and he told us the below;

“Hey there! Thanks for showing interest in my bar! Here are all the pictures I have of it. I started by putting an astroturf rug down. It’s in my basement on a concrete slab so knew it would be difficult and expensive to add plumbing.

So what I did was I started with 2 vanities that I found for 75% off. I used 1 sink and built a countertop for the other one with extra vinyl plank flooring I had lying around. I framed it all in and sided it with pallet planks. I put in an electric pump that pulls from a water bucket that I power on with a button on the sink. It drains into another bucket that I empty when full.

We are all sports fans in this house and all enjoy collecting memorabilia. It is very common for us to have different games on each tv going at the same time and arguing over which one gets the audio!

I have 1 photo of what the space looked like when we moved in, although it is low quality but just hows how the space was dis-used.”


We absolutely love this man cave bar, our favourite part about this whole room is the work that has gone in behind the scenes to be able to have running water from the handmade DIY bar. Instead of admitting defeat, Derek has managed to conjure up a plan that means he is able to entertain from a central location in the room, man cave engineering at its best!

Another favourite part of the room for us is the sports memorabilia on the wall. Nothing screams ‘man cave’ more than a wall full of jerseys, baseball bats & sports cards and for me this helps give the room so much more character than if the walls were just painted.

All in all a very worthy submission onto the blog, I hope you all enjoy Derek’s space as much as I do, please feel free to leave any comments below on how much you enjoy the man cave bar or even if you think he can improve it in any way!

Thanks again Derek, it was a pleasure speaking with you!

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