Just a short one for you here after I found this crazy tv set up below on reddit, hopefully it gives you some inspiration;

As always, I was searching Reddit the other day when I came across this crazy man cave tv setup that is rivalled by no TV set up I’ve ever seen…

u/jakoboskin has managed to create a 3 tier viewing setup that I just had to feature on the site, if you’re a sports fan and like to follow more than 1 game at a time, you absolutely have to look at this setup and see if it’s something you can replicate in your own man cave

So if you want to know exactly what he has in this set up then I’ve got it for you below;

“Yeah, I just got the TCL 65R635 in the middle and then the top are Vizio D24f-f1 or a newer/older version of that. Then the bottom is TCL 32S3750. The soundbar is Vizio V21-H8

When asked about how he controls all of the inputs, he said;

“I have the Logitech Harmony Hub to control all my devices. Then a Yamaha receiver to run all sound output to my Vizio soundbar.”

When asked if the Harmony Hub is enough to change between all of the inputs he says;

“It is!! Which why i got it. It goes by IP address on my three TCL tvs. The Vizio ones struggle at times for which one is selected. TCL have Roku. The Vizio have Amazon sticks which I do have to have a left and right remote for them, Harmony can’t do multiple Fire Sticks.”

What I absolutely love is that this isn’t even in a room separate to the rest of the house, it’s his main viewing station for the whole home, just amazing.


I wanted to thank u/jakobosinfor speaking with us and giving us some great detail on an amazing man cave tv setup. I hope this gives you some kind of inspiration/motivation to kit out your own man cave or even start to plan how you’d like yours to look.

As always, if you have your own man cave you’d like to share with us then please email us – kitoutmymancave@gmail.com.