As per a lot of the man cave tours on this site, this one was found on reddit and particularly on a post from u/fettmx , I think you’ll agree with me after this that u/fettmx has not only create a space that is any star was fans dream its also very well put together and if you’re looking to create your very own star wars man cave then this is the post for you

There’s some key features in this room, and to save you the time of reading every paragraph (because I know most of you will only skim read this anyway or look at the pictures…) i’ll link the best bits below;

What better way to border a huge flatscreen TV that with two light up lightsabers, it’s really simple but actually I bet it makes for a really good feature in this man cave when all the lights are off and a films playing!

Then, not only is there a flatscreen TV, but there’s a projector in the room bordered with some amazing artwork that really adds some personality to the room. Again, there’s nothing amazing here, but the way in which this wall has been decorated shows that the user had a plan in mind and has been able to execute it perfectly.

Again, another wall in this man cave shows great personality, you can see that a lot of time and effort has gone in to decorating the walls of this man cave. The Star Wars comics adds a retro feel to the room and links really well with the other features. The smaller toys / figurines on top of the sofa just prove the theme of the room and adds more character to a man cave that is already bursting with personality from wall to wall.

Being a Mandolorian fan myself, the Grogu is a particluarly cool touch!

And I start to completely geek out when I came across the full size Mandolorian helmets. I don’t know about you but i’d be wearing this whenever I could around the house, just to feel like an absolute boss!

As you pan up from the helmets you’re met with large sized star wars figurines which can only be described as a thing of art, this one of Darth Vader is awesome and is not only a collectible for the owner of the man cave to show off but it’s also a talking point whenever you have people over.

I’ve always said, anything that brings your personality to life in your man cave is a good thing and you can never have too much of a good thing when it comes toy your hobbies and passions, if you love Star Wars, this is the one place you can completely geek out without anyone judging you, and I love it!

And finally, to finish this post off we have a wall of collectibles and pop figures that again show that this man cave owner has more interests than just Star Wars, you’ll find marvel collectibles, back to the future figurines and some LOTR pop figures to go alongside it. Not only showing that this man caver has some great taste in films but also that they’re not afraid to show it off in their man cave!

I absolutely love this man cave, it is living proof that you should be able to show off and collect the things in life that bring you the most happiness, as a self proclaimed geek I can safely say that I absolutely love everything in this room and I love the fact that it is not trying to hide anything behind other ‘cooler’ decorations.

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