One of the main factors of having a man cave is to have a space where you can entertain your friends and have a good drink, so why not have some funny coasters lying around that add some entertainment to your cave;

Funny Silicon Coasters

If your man cave revolves around comedy then these coasters are definitely for you. They’re perfect for holding your drinks and cleaning up any spillage but also as a talking point for your man cave they’re great and will have your mates talking about them more than once.

Themed coasters

If your man cave has more of a theme then a set of themed coasters might be more relevant for your room, if your man cave is a Wild West theme then why not consider the above shotgun coasters?!

You don’t want anything in your man cave to stand out in a bad way so make sure you consider your theme when selecting your coasters and buy some that will compliment the space you have.

Gaming coasters

Like many, you may have a man cave that is inspired by gaming, if so, these gaming inspired coasters could be perfect for your room, they’re probably not as useful as the silicone coasters from earlier but they look great and will fit in perfectly without looking out of place.

so those are just a handful of man cave coaster ideas, I hope it’s helped to inspire you and your man cave decisions, make sure you send in your man caves to