Every man wants to be king of his own castle. But if you can’t afford your own castle then you’re going to have to settle for your own man cave, which in my opinion is just as good.

A man cave, however, can come in many shapes and sizes. In this post, we’re going to discuss each style of the man cave and the different bespoke items you may find in each one!

The Shed Man Cave

The first and most common style of a man cave is the shed style man cave. it’s a great starter cave and most of the time you’re kept company by the spiders in the rafters and the worms in the ground, which makes it perfect as the wife/girlfriend will almost never want to step foot in the man cave, result!

You can organise your tools in any order you like, set yourself up a workbench and work on all kinds of projects, well out of the way of peeping eyes.

If you don’t have a man cave just yet, get out into your shed and claim back what is rightfully yours. The freedom of a shed-style man cave awaits.

The Shed Man Cave Items;

  1. Radio – Vintage Style Roberts Revival
  2. Workbench – Von Haus Garage Workbench
  3. Tools – VonHaus 94pc Tool kit with bag

Office Man Cave

One of the easiest spaces that can be created into a man cave, the home office. Trickier to keep the wife / kids out as it’s almost certainly going to be a shared office, however stating to everyone that the home office is going to be your new space to relax and work on projects is a vital first step.

When you slowly start to make the space your own you’ll realise that the wife/GF will slowly start to lose equity in the home office and you’ll be the sole owner, get your favourite poster up on the wall and kit the room out with a kick-ass desk and you’ll be well on the way to building yourself space that will be the perfect zen area.

Office Man cave items;

  1. Industrial Desk – Industrial Style Desk
  2. Leather Chair – Chesterfield Button-Down Desk Chair
  3. Office Poster – New York Skyline Canvas

Gaming Room Man Cave

For some, DIY Projects and entrepreneurial spaces aren’t their ideal man cave setting. However, setting up a gaming room away from everyone and everything really tickles their fancy. This style of man cave is for the harcore gamers and allows the man to mix with his friends without even leaving the house, the wife / girlfriend is happy because you’re at home and you’re happy because you’re dropping with the boys. Winning.

Gaming can be thirsty work, so make sure you’ve got refreshments and snacks in abundance in your gaming man cave, see our list below of our top 3 vital products for this style of room;

  1. Mini Fridge – Russel Hobbs Mini Fridge
  2. Gaming Monitor – HP Gaming Specific Monitor
  3. Gaming Chair – GT Force Gaming Chair

Bar Man Cave

Now, if you’re an entertainer and love having your friends around to your house for drinks then a bar man cave is going to be the very best man cave you can build.

Not only can you create a space that offers drinks, games & laughs but you can create a space that will create more memories than any other room in the house.

There’s so many clever products on the market that will allow you to create the best bar man cave you possibly can, see our favourites below!

  1. Freestanding bar – HOMCOM multifunction Freestanding Island
  2. Pool Table – 2 in 1 Ping Pong Pool Table
  3. Drinks Dispenser – 3.6L Beer Dispenser

So there you have it, my favourite styles of man cave and some items to help you get on your way when kitting out your cave.

Make sure you check out our product catalog to see more items for your very own man cave.

Until next time.