The whole idea of having a man cave is that it’s a space you have created with your bare hands. There’s no better way to inject some of your own personality into your man cave than creating something yourself. So here is born the DIY corner of

Scrolling through Pinterest had me stumble across the image above. and this hand made, DIY superhero furniture just had to feature on the site. Not only does it scream ‘man cave’ but it’s also a labour of love from a guy who clearly loves his old school Marvel comics.

And what better way to find a new place for your favourite comics than permanently having them on display on furniture that would have definitely been thrown away if you hadn’t decided to turn an unused room into your man cave…

So, I hear you asking “How can I make my own DIY comic furniture?’

Well, you’re in luck… I’m going to list exactly how to do this below

My very first piece of advice is to follow all of the below steps but on a practise piece of wood or furniture. Nail down the steps and make sure you are totally happy before trying this on on the furniture you want to display in your room!

  1. Select Comics & Furniture

First thing you need to do is select the piece of furniture you want to re-vamp and the comic samples that you want to use… Honestly, this guide isn’t going to get any more complicated than this so don’t worry.

2. Work out a rough draft and cut out comic pieces

The next part is to cut out all of the pieces of the comic that you want to use and display, blu tack them up on the piece of furniture you want to use and make sure it looks okay before glueing down.

3. Prepare the piece Furniture

Next is the job of prepping, sanding and painting the lucky piece of furniture that you have saved from the skip. Paint the areas that won’t be covered by comic samples and then leave the areas where you’re going to glue the comics onto. Make sure you still sand them down because the glue is going to stick to this so much better.

4. Glue comic samples onto desired areas

Next job is to glue down the Comic book samples exactly how you want to. Take care at this stage and take so much time on each piece. Make sure you glue down the comic book samples and then ensure they sit nice and flat. If they’re not sitting flat then make sure to brush down the lifted areas with the glue brush, but do this gently and don’t rip through the comic book! Make sure you glue down the edges too!

5. Paint on polyurethane (make sure you follow all of the manufacturers guidelines for usage!)

The last and final step after the glue has dried is to secure and save the comic books and make them really stand out with a shiny finish. You can leave the furniture after the last step if you really want to. But any scrapes and scuffs will scuff the comic books and ruin the furniture. With a clear polyurethane finish, you’ll both seal the comics into the furniture and protect them and make the furniture shiny really showing off the comics! Don’t spread too much of the polyurethane onto the furniture as it’ll drip. Brush it on evenly and carefully and when it sets it’ll really look smart.

And that’s it! Let the plastic coating dry and you’ll have a piece of furniture that will be a real talking point in your man cave. When people ask ‘Where did you get thay coffee table from?’ You’ll be able to proudly say “I made it!”

I hope this helps motivate and inspire you to try and create your very own cut and stick furniture project, if you make your own and want them to feature on our page then email them to us at