Ricing gym prices and monthly contracts that are impossible to escape from has meant that more people than ever have turned spare spaces in their homes into gyms, and it got me thinking that, actually, you don’t need a lot of space to create your own man cave gym.

So let’s run through the essentials;

  1. Floor space
  2. Basic exercise equipment & storage
  3. Music / Speakers

Let’s go through these one by one…

You need a small amount of floor space to create a man cave gym

One of the most fundamental things you’re going to need is a small amount of floor space to be able to work out from home and create yourself a man cave gym. Typically, the most amount of space you’ll need is a yoga mat sized space, this allows you to be able to do the basic essentials of body weight training like push ups and sit ups from your home.

However, if you’re able to clear a larger amount of space for your man cave gym, for example in the garage or spare room, then you might want to look at some of the gym floor tiles you can get on Amazon, they slot together to create a space that now looks and feels like a gym that you would normally go to, now all you need is the full length wall mirrors and you’ll be looking like a Greek god in no time!

You’re going to want some basic equipment and storage for that equipment

If body weight exercises aren’t enough for you, the next thing every man cave gym needs is some basic equipment and storage to go with it.

If you’re tight for space, using resistance bands or some kettlebells will enable you to get the resistance you need to create a man cave gym, they’re small enough to get out and use whenever you feel like it and go along with your yoga mat sized space that you need.

If you have more room to play with then I would suggest the following;

Dumbbells and kettle bells are the perfect equipment for any man cave gym, they give you freedom over the weight you’re lifting and are versatile in a space where you might not have an abundance of room, definitely check them out.

A barbell is another great piece of equipment for your man cave gym if you’ve got a bit more room to play around with, great for training up your strength, get some additional weights and and get them stacked up ready for when you progress onto heavier numbers, you’ll be deadlifting 200kg in no time…

Another piece of equipment that’s great if you don’t have a lot of room, but if you do have lots of room then you could look at a multi gym set up that has a pull up bar included along with various other systems that will be great for your gym!

Again, you’re going to need a small amount of room for this piece of equipment, but having a boxing bag as part of your man cave gym equipment is going to be a great addition. Imagine having a crappy day at work and being able to come home and spend some time beating a bag up that may or may not have a printed picture of your bosses face in it (printed picture is optional…)

I know, the dreaded ‘C word’ cardio! Believe it or not, some people actually enjoy running outside, which I think is totally fine, but if you’re not very confident running outside or just want to stay at home to do your gyming then don’t fear, get yourself a treadmill into your man cave gym setup and you’ll be flying in no time!

Again, for those of you who don’t want to cycle through cold dark streets in the winter, there’s an alternative here for you, get yourselves an exercise bike that you can keep at home, this way you won’t need to don the Lycra suit every time you want to go out (I know some people enjoy the Lycra suit a bit too much) It’s a win win really and if you don’t have much space then an exercise bike will fit into any room in your house that you currently have and this way you can then call it your very own small piece of a man cave gym.


So, there you have it! Everything you’ll need to create a great man cave gym, as always if you want to check out more of our content then make sure you check out our blog!