In our last post we featured a Star Wars man cave, and although Star Wars features heavily within this man cave, created by u/OzCueball on Reddit, I’d say that this is more of a basement movie man cave.

There’s lots to go through in this post and again as a reader I know you’ll only skim to the good bits, so I’ve listed the main parts below;

  1. Entrance stairs
  2. Nostalgia and figurines
  3. Movie lounge
  4. Sports and gaming area
  5. DVD storage

Firstly, as you come down the stairs you’re greeted with two giant pieces of wall art in the shape of movie posters, these posters serve more of a purpose than mere decoration, they signify the personality of the man cave, you already know that you’re going to be walking into a great room and you’re only 1m in!

Half way down the stairs you’re greeted with more movie figurines, and what I love about this is that this is complete overkill, there was absolutely no need to fill the walls with movie posters and then plaster the back wall with movie figures on the way down but this man caver has done just that, and I’m really not against it at all, if you love something then a man cave is the perfect place to showcase that and u/OzCueball has perfectly showed that you shouldn’t be apologetic in showcasing the things you love in your own man cave, no matter how much of that stuff you have!

As you come around the corner your inner child starts to completely geek out…

Not only does The Mandolorian poster really start to se the mood, btw I think i’ve re-watched both series about 8 times…, but at the bottom of the stairs is your first glimpse into all of the merchandise and collectibles that u/OzCueball has painstakingly put together over the last 5 years.

And your first step down into this man cave does not disappoint at all.

You only have to look at the amount of space figurines, video games and old-school tech in this one image to realise that a serious amount fo time and effort has gone into making this man cave really personal.

I absolutely love the fact u/OzCueball has a display case for all of his old Gameboys and Nintendo products, I can really appreciate the nostalgia, being an old-school Pokemon lover myself!

Turn the corner and you’re greeted with one of the largest couches i’ve ever seen in a man cave and the coolest movie posters all the way around the room. By the way, if you want to see the different kind of couches for your man cave then we’ve written a piece on it, reach it by clicking here

I’ve always said that i’m a massive fan of using up the wall space in your man cave with as much decoration as possible, that partnered with the flatscreen up on the wall must make for such a cool space when watching movies or sports

And this view just shows how cool the man cave actually is

What strikes me most is that there is so much going on but it doesn’t look messy!

This whole space has been meticulously planned and put together to showcase everything u/OzCueball has in his collection in it’s entirety, I for one absolutely love it!

Swing round to the other side of the room and you’ll find more of the same where the movie posters and figurines are concerned.

But what’s also cool is the way he’s used old-school controllers from years gone by to decorate a shelf.

if you’re a first time man caver i’m sure you’ll appreciate this artwork. Many others don’t fully understand the mind of a man caver, so to them, old-school controllers on a shelf may seem pointless, but to us its a way of remembering all of the great times we had on each console. Hats off to you for this!

Most of you with a keen eye will spot the Millennium Falcon in the see through glass coffee table which is another cool feature.

Some of you may ask ‘why set up two lounge areas in the same man cave?!’

Well I guess thats to the man cavers discretion, but maybe if someone else was creating this man cave you might think about putting a poker table in this side or some games machines / pinball machines.

But being honest, if you have the space to be able to differentiate between a cosy movie room and a more exciting gaming / sports room, then why the hell wouldn’t you do it?!

and if you poke your head around the final corner in this man cave you’ll find where he stores all of his DVD’s and spare pop figures / space where he is collecting more pop figurines

As stated in his reddit post, the room will never be finished!

And there you have it, a genuine contender for one of the best man caves on this website if i’m honest

Not because it’s got the coolest gadgets or the most stuff, but because you can tell that it’s been put together meticulously and thoroughly to show off all of the cool stuff u/OzCueball has.

I absolutely love it, and i’m sure this will stand as great motivation or inspiration for anyone with a basement who’s looking to convert the space into a man cave.

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