There’s lots of people I know personally that absolutely love mountain biking, the problem with mountain biking is that there’s hardly ever space to store the bike and all of the equipment and tools you need to go with it, so in this post I’m going to let you know how to make a mountain bike man cave with clever storage options that don’t cost a fortune!

Be clever with space and use the walls as much as you can

Most of the time, your bike is going to be kept in the garage or the shed, with other items in there too, so you’re going to have to get creative with the way that you set up your mountain bike man cave and use as much wall space as possible.

Using a wall mount to store your bike can be a great way to save space, and some of the modern ones allow for you to store them vertically up against the wall and then pivot them so they don’t take up as much room!

This example above shows just how you can loosen the handlebars just a bit to be able to turn them and the whole bike will sit pretty much flush with the wall! If you’ve got 2 or more bikes to store then maybe you’d want the traditional mountain bike wall mounts that allow you to just have the tyres up against the wall. Top tip – mount the brackets high so you can reach them still but then they’ll take up less room down where you are!

A place to wash your mountain bike is essential!

Nowadays, if you want to clean your mountain bike there are specific tools and pieces of equipment you can buy for each job! I’m pretty sure there’s always the next best mountain bike cleaning fluid available too which are always great for getting the grease out from between your spokes! But if you want to really step up your mountain bike man cave then you need to get yourself a fully assembled area for all of your cleaning needs after a good ride!

You don’t necessarily need to do this inside, get yourself a long range hose and designate a space in the garden or side alley to spray down your bike after a heavy ride! Use some of the heavy duty cleaners you can get nowadays and you’ll have your bike back to normal in no time.

A place to keep all of your tools is essential in your mountain bike man cave

It goes without saying that mountain biking comes with just as many tools and old parts as it does actual working parts that you use every day! So what you need is a way to store all of these tools and parts in a clever way so you don’t take up too much room and to make sure you can always find the bits when you need them most.

I personally have two metal tool chests just like the below;

They are unbelievable robust and keep everything in the same place ready for the next ride. Not only that but I’m tempted to get another one just to house all of my diy tools so I can use the pegboard for other things! They’re amazing really and keep you more organised than you realise!

And there you have it!

That’s all you really need when considering how to sort out your mountain bike man cave, as long as you’ve got a space to house your bikes, a place to clean them and a place to fix them then you’ll be flying, anything else is just an added extra that you probably don’t need but marketing means you’ll buy it anyway!

So get out there, ride hard and when you get back be safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a space that will house everything you need.

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