Imagine you want to create a man cave and you’ve got far too many interests, including wrestling, retro gaming, superheroes & so on. Well don’t let that stop you from absolutely cramming every single item you’ve ever collected into a man cave.

This is exactly what Reddit user Ironman-puchmaxi has done and boy has he done it really well!

They have proved that don’t need a giant basement or huge out building to create a man cave

All you need is one small room and some clever furniture that will help you display everything you need

The one thing I absolutely love is the way they have used up every inch of wall space to ensure that everything they’ve ever collected is put out on display

I absolutely love it, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ironman-puchmaxi for allowing us to share this with you all

You can check out more images below;

Arcade Machines
Comfy man cave couch with movie posters
Masters of the universe figurine collection
Man Cave Lego marvel collection