How To Make a Geeky Man Cave – MoBeast Gaming

We’ve covered some great man caves in our time on this site, but none have been cooler or geekier than the one we’re about to show you here! We got int touch with Mobeast Gaming after seeing his geeky man cave on Reddit and absolutely had to feature his space on here.

If you’re after geeky man cave ideas then look no further, Mobeast Gaming has created a room, over the space of a year, absolute full of all of his favourite gaming characters, comics, TV shows and film merch that you could ever lay your hands-on.

Take this first image for example… My absolute must for any man cave is that the walls should be covered with everything you love. I always say that the wife must hate it and an interior designer would cry just looking at it.

The amount of famous characters you can see in this first image is unbelievable, Mo must have spent an absolute fortune collecting all of these figurines and collectables. The ones that stick out for me are the full-size Toy Story toys under the TV, growing up this film was always a favourite of mine.

But, the fact is, your eyes are taken all over the room as there’s not just one theme but somehow everything looks like it is meant to be in the room and nothing looks out of place in the slightest.

When the lights go out, the man cave lighting ideas in this room are unbelievable, Mo has really done so well at adding backlighting and LED lighting to the areas that really matter. Each and every cubby hole has been lit perfectly to show off the figurines and retro gaming consoles.

Another feature of this room that I absolutely love is the wall lighting. There are so many different styles of hexagon wall lighting on Amazon and you can create a feature wall that really makes your man cave stand out. Above or around a TV is always a feature piece, or you can put them on a wall on their own in a cool way to make a boring wall a feature wall.

Let’s talk about the wall art in this man cave. Mo obviously has a huge love for anything everything DC and Joker related. Setting up comics on the wall in a nice orderly fashion as he has in the image above makes for a really cool decor. The larger posters on the wall give the room some great depth and personality. The figurines also just show off Mo’s personality and I for one absolutely love it!

Next there’s his desk set-up. This is enough to be a man cave contender all on it’s own! This ‘battle station’ is clearly used for streaming or YouTube videos with the mic set up and the circular light in the background. I know a lot of guys nowadays are streaming and making some great money doing so, so I for one applaud the fact that he has this whole man cave and this set up to go alongside it.

Overall this geeky man cave is every man child’s dream, I for one absolutely love it and want to try and take some of Mo’s ideas and put them into my own man cave

If you want to check out the whole video then check it out below;