With basically the whole world working from home this year, many men have had to improvise and create their own offices in any space they have available. So there’s also been no better time to lay claim to a part of the house and call it your own in the process.

Again, I was scrolling through reddit… & found myself chatting to a guy under the username ShamrockDock343. He was really accommodating and said we could use his man cave in this blog, so make sure you go and check him out.

But what I wanted to share with you is the gentleman’s office man cave he has created. There’s not a huge TV screen up on the wall, or even many of the normal things you would expect to see in a traditional ‘man cave’. However, What he has managed to create is something I think many of you reading this need to take note of.

So the first thing that stands out is that my man is obviously a Military guy. From the helmet and gear displayed next to the window and the vintage box underneath it to the helmet and polished boots hiding away next to the giant gun safe from Field & Stream, it’s pretty easy to distinguish what this guy is in to.

But what strikes me is that this is his working area. The desk setup, which we will get on to in a minute, shows that this space has been created to allow him to be as productive as possible in a space away from all of life distractions.

One thing I absolutely love is the collection of smoking pipes up on the top left-hand corner of the image. Again, and I’ve said it before in other blog posts, your man cave absolutely needs some personality and character, and to pair the military items with a display of numerous smoking pipes creates more talking points than in some of the huge mancaves I’ve seen.

Coming around to the other side of the room unveils some pretty weird and wonderful things. For one you notice the Katana more prominently sitting on top of the Field and Stream gun safe. I absolutely love the look of a katana in a man cave and only wish is was more prominent!

Then you take a look at the bookshelves and realise that everything is displayed with a purpose. There’s the perfect amount of what others would call clutter in this room but to us men they’re pieces of gold.

I’ve always said that your wife should walk into your man cave, if she dares… and want to tidy it up and an interior designer should absolutely hate it. But that’s not the case with this office man cave, it’s flipped my thinking on how a man cave could and should look and I think any aspiring man cavers who think they don’t have enough room to create their own should reconsider and look at an office space that you can create for yourself.

Now, if this desk set up doesn’t scream ‘I’m an honourable gentleman’ then I don’t know what else does. The plush leather office chair looks like something out of an evil genius’ lair from a James Bond movie but apart from that there’s some really cool stuff here.

I love seeing a chess board all set up, my immediate thoughts go to how many times it’s actually been played but I think they look dope!

Having a vintage diving mask just sat there in the corner adds some great personality along with more militaria that adds for another space that look cluttered but when you look closely everything has a space and is displayed with a purpose.


What I wanted to achieve by showing you this office man cave is that you don’t need a giant basement man cave to create a space for yourself. All you really need is space for a desk in a quiet area of your home and you can make it your own.

As an introverted man, I know that having time to myself is very important. If you’ve been itching to create your own space then use this man cave as an inspiration to turn your office into an area where you can have an hours peace and quiet and display all your favourite things that otherwise would have been stored away in the loft.

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