I’m constantly searching the internet for the best man caves to share with the readers of this site, but I feel like I’ve managed to find one of the best basement man caves I’ve seen in a long time from YouTuber DeJay Herrmann

it’s going to be a struggle to do a short description of this place so I apologise in advance about the length of this post.

As you come down the stairs you’re greeted with some great rustic man cave signs. as well as a personalised sign stating the name ‘Silverback Tavern & Theatre’

As you come down the stairs you’re met with your first glimpse of this crazy man cave basement, the foosball table at the bottom of the stairs is a great start but as you look around you can start to uncover some great features!

As you’ll soon find out, the use of re-purposed pallet wood in this room is amazing and it makes for such a rustic look which I’d recommend to any man caver looking to decorate their room. Loads of local workplaces are always looking to get rid of their pallets and you could be on the receiving end of free project wood!

Turn the corner for a second and you come across a room that would be a perfect man cave on it’s own, let alone attached to the rest of this place!

Centre of the room is this handmade Poker table, again made out of re-purposed pallet wood and dining chairs. I absolutely love how he’s made this apce look. For any man caver looking to create their own poker room, this is how you do it!

Simplicity, make the table the feature point of the room and decorate the walls around it, your poker room will look amazing.

Come away from the poker room and you’ve got another space taken up by not 1… but 6 arcade machines!

I absolutely love a retro arcade machine and could spend hours and hours on these, if you’re looking to replicate this then there are cheaper alternatives that you can plug into tv’s.

You then look behind the arcade machines at some custom made wall decorations that add so much personality to the room, again if you’re trying to replicate this you can get cheaper personalised man cave signage on Amazon.

Now, we’ve covered this topic in another post on our site on the post: Man Cave Ideas – DIY Dart Boards. And again you can see that reclaimed pallet wood has been used to make a feature wall dartboard.

If you’ve got a wall in your man cave that desperately needs a bit of decorating, get yourself some pallet wood, layer the wall with planks of pallet wood and stick your dart board over the top, you won’t be disappointed!

The bar in this man cave is again made from reclaimed wood, If you’re handy with panel wood then you can pretty much create any look you like by decorating the walls or using the wood to create furniture and so on.

The retro popcorn machine in the corner again just adds personality to a room that is so retro it hurts.

If that wasn’t enough, this man cave comes with enough room for a giant L shaped sofa and coffee table made out of an old pipe/cable transporter.

Sat in the corner of the room, albeit very blurry, is a wooden whisky barrel with some whisky on top. For any of you in the middle of creating your own man caves something like that, creating a feature in the corner of the room, is a great way to decorate.

Along with the giant sofa, there’s a giant projector screen and some very nice wall art. There’s something about a giant projector screen that just screams man cave, If you’re struggling for space in your own man cave then look for a retractable projector screen that you can tuck away after use to save space!

By now you’re thinking that this basement man cave can’t get any better, well you’re wrong. This place also has a full-sized pool table tucked away around the corner from the theatre room, again with a wooden theme and a rustic American flag hanging on the wall.


This basement man cave is about 5 rooms in 1 and I for one don’t think i’d leave this room if I didn’t have to. I don’t know how this guy gets anything done with this sat underneath his house as I know i’d be down there playing on any of the many games or watching a movie on the giant projector screen.

I hope anyone trying to make their own man cave can take some inspiration and motivation from this as I know I have.

As always if you have your own man cave you want to feature on our site then feel free to email us kitoutmymancave@gmail.com