In this post we’re looking at a home bar garage conversion from Reddit user Secure-Airport-1599 He’s managed to convert his garage into a really cool bar and hopefully after reading this it’ll inspire you to convert your own garage into a usable space.

The garage bar before being converted

As you can see, before it’s renovation the garage was unassumingly garage like… Nothing but old spare fridge freezers, some floor squares that look like they hadn’t been put down and a small gym set up down the far end

This, if anything is what my current garage looks like and probably what 98% of garages look like across the globe

So, it’s a good thing that this reddit user decided to spruce it up a little bit…

Now, from the outside it still seems very garage like, but when you switch the lights on you can see that the whole space has been completely man-caved.

From the Giant fridge freezer, to the high stools and dart board, you can already get excited about what you’re about to walk in to, not to mention the liquor bottles up on the shelves!

And when you step inside, the excitement doesn’t stop, the large chesterfield couch is awesome and gives off a vintage feel.

The walls being painted in British Racing Green also sets the mood. The flooring is a great pick and wouldn’t take too long to lay and the bar looks like a place where I could definitely get comfy.

The dart board is a great touch and for one feel like it is a much better use of space as opposed to a foosball table or pool table that would take up real estate in the room.

I can also envisage the desk being used as a work from home space and maybe retiring to the chesterfield for some lunch and some TV time (and maybe a drink on a Friday…)

And talking of drink… Let’s talk about the bar next!

The one thing that really stands out for me is the rugged wooden counter top , its so smart and not something you see everyday.

The whole bar, in fact is very well made and looks very smart the greyscale navy is a colour that I really like and seems to be in as a trend at the minute, they usually say blue and green should never be seen but that’s not the case in this room!

The brown leather stools are also in keeping with the theme and match the chesterfield couch.

The last thing to mention in the very bouji glasses / cups hanging underneath the bar which add a touch of something different to the room, they’ll be a talking point and something people remember when they leave

All in all you can just tell that people will have a great time in this man cave, whether that be socially or unsocially!

I’d like to take the time to thank Secure-Airport-1599 for allowing us to feature his man cave on our site.

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