All of us definitely dream of having a man cave that we can be proud of, well… @sakipooh from Reddit has managed to create one of the coolest man caves I’ve seen for a long time. If you’re looking to create your dream man cave then definitely take some inspiration from the below;

let’s talk about what we can see here, firstly what strikes me the most is the gaming memorabilia and merchandise around the room creating a man cave decor that is pretty cool, much like some of the other man cave tours we’ve done @sakipooh has really made the most of the wall space and this is something I recommend to anyone who is looking to create a man cave for themselves.

The next thing that sticks out to me is all of the retro gaming systems dotted around the man cave, I always find that the arcade like games we used to have as kids are far more addictive and fun to play than some of the newer games that are around. Give street fighter and I’ll play it for hours!

There’s a Nintendo entertainment system and a nod to the iffrent kinds of games that you could play on it all around the man cave, it gives the room some character and shows off the personality of the person behind the man cave, definitely something I would recommend for anyone looking to build your own man cave.

When you turn and look at the other side of the room, the fun doesn’t stop!

There’s more screens than you can shake a stick at and they’re all hooked up to some kind of system so that no matter how many people you have in your man cave, there’ll always be something for them to play on, the retro arcade machine that’s freestanding is also a touch of class and something that can transform a room on its own!

Another thing I want to touch on is how well the shelving has been used for storage, almost like using wall space, you want to have as much floor space free as possible for your man cave, so using some tall shelving racks like they have here really helps to keep all of your belongings displayed well but also keep the floor space tidy, it makes the man cave decor really stand out and allows you to store more stuff, which is a major win win!

To top it all off they have a 3D 1080p projector for watching movies and playing video games, these things are great when you have the space and are not too expensive either, you have have a giant screen with great quality for around $100 which is crazy when you think a tv that size would cost you thousands!

All in all I absolutely love this man cave and I think anyone who’s looking to build their own man cave should look to this one as inspiration and motivation, it’s taken them years to complete and is a complete labour of love but every guy will tell you that their man cave is their palace, and if you can build it just how you like it then you’ll have a space that will be perfect for years to come, I almost think a finished man cave never exists for that sole reason, you can always get more!

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