I don’t think a man cave couch is spoken about enough, it’s one of the most vital pieces of furniture that you can buy and something that you spend a hell of a lot of time on, so lets take a look at some of the best man cave couches you can get and which kind of couch will suit the man cave you’re looking to make.

1. Leather reclining couch

If you’ve got a man cave cinema then the leather reclining couch is the best kind of couch to have, getting the best viewing angle for your movie is vital and making sure you’re comfy is also very important and you can’t go wrong with a reclining couch for this.

This is not the kind of couch you’re going to curl up and fall asleep on, it serves a purpose and that is to help you get the best view of the movie or game you’re watching and that’s not a bad thing, you just need to make sure your couch serves a purpose in your man cave and not just collect dust.

2. Chesterfield Couch

Now then, this is a real statement piece. If you’ve built yourself a very sophisticated man cave then you need to get yourself a Chesterfield button down couch, not only does it look great but if you spend a bit extra and get a good quality, comfy Chesterfield couch then you’re in for a real treat!

This style is not for everyone, and I wouldn’t expect that even a sophisticated man cave would want a couch like this at all time but it really is a statement piece and would turn heads whenever anyone walked into the room.

3. L-Shaped Couch

The L-Shaped couch is a versatile piece of furniture that would suit almost any man cave, not only are they comfy as hell, but the L shape allows you to have the comfiest seat in the house when it comes to watching sports or movies.

The above couch even comes with an adjustable seat cushion that acts as a drinks holder, what more could you ask for?!

And unlike the leather reclining couch that is utilitarian in its comfort, this style of couch is the kind of couch you could curl up on and fall asleep.

Not only are they mega comfy, they’re also really stylish and would improve your man cave decor if you got the right colour and style.

Also, a foot stall always fits perfectly into the L-shaped gap and they’re perfect for stretching out in a different position or if you have people over, they double up as storage space too!

4. Small Couch

If like many, money is holding you back from creating your dream man cave, why not look at buying yourself a smaller couch to go in your room?

Comfort may not be at the top of this couches accolades, however if you need somewhere to sit and play your video games then you can’t go wrong with a couch like this!

Not everyone has thousands of $ of disposable income to build the man cave they’ve always dreamt of, remember some of the man cave examples we’ve showcased have taken the owners years to build and some of them have bought their furniture at thrift stores and garage sales in order to make it work, so don’t be disheartened at having smaller more budget stuff to begin with and building the room up over time.

5. Giant Bean Bag

No, the women don’t come with the giant bean bag … but this is my final offering for an idea that could go alongside you man cave couch, why not buy a giant bean bag? Or if you have a small man cave just a regular sized bean bag.

The bean bag would be perfect for a gaming man cave or watching a movie, you can get so comfy in these things and be lost in your man cave for hours (probably because you can’t get out of the damn thing now you’re in it…)

But genuinely, I’ve got a giant bean bag in my man cave and it’s so functional as an alternative to having a couch in your man cave that might take up too much room, this can be tucked to the side and used when needed, its a firm favourite of mine!


So, there you have it, some options for you if you’re looking for a couch for your man cave. If you’ve enjoyed this then make sure you check out some more by clicking here.