I stumbled across a man Cave on YouTube that really caught my eye… through researching man caves I found a video from UAVisuals where he tours his friends minimalistic & small man cave. I thought that this would give so many people some man cave ideas of their own if you are trying to kit out a smaller space;

most people’s first impressions are that this room is basic, but you’d be very wrong, this main image above shows how less is more in most cases and the simplicity of this man cave is actually where it stands among one of the best man caves I’ve seen.

The rustic style shelving that houses all of the main consoles and sits below the TV is so smart and really sets the tone for the room.

The soundproof foam that surrounds the whole room not only looks great in my opinion but allows for complete privacy and noise control so you don’t annoy the neighbours, or more importantly the wife!.

You’re obviously not going to fit many people at all in this room, I mean it’s made for 1 or maybe 2 at a push. But it’s simplicity so far shows how this could be a great escape away from life’s many troubles if you needed it.

Behind the main area is a shelving area that again consists of the industrial style pipe shelving. This holds all of the main items that he needs to have access to in this room, all of his DVDs and games sit up here as well as his lighting controls, which we’ll come onto in a bit.. again I absolutely love this style of shelving and think it makes your man cave look so smart and industrial at the same time.

The lighting in this man cave is all controlled by this nanoleaf canvas... these are incredible and i would recommend them for any aspiring gamer who is building their own man cave. They are touch sensitive and sounds sensitive so when you’re gaming with the volume up high the lighting in th room bounces around to different colours. Obviously the settings can be changed to make sure this doesn’t happen and you have complete control but they are just so cool and you can pattern them to fit into all kinds of shapes.

I’d recommend you start with this Nanoleaf starter pack to get you going and I Swear you will not be disappointed with how it changes the lighting in your gaming setup!

If you’re 25-35 years old you’ll know what a Super Nintendo was, but what I didn’t realise is they’ve bought out a Super Nintendo Mini that Paul is actually rocking in his set up and playing through his 69″ OLED TV. This for me made me geek out a bit and I bought one almost straight away for nostalgic purposes. Alongside this, he’s got PS4 Pro which will almost certainly be upgraded to a PS5 by now which will also act as his cinema and entertainment system.

I think this links very nicely to our blog on a garage man cave that we featured on the blog not too long ago, his budget was tight and so was space, so if you’ve got a smaller space to kit out then check them out and the products in our digital magazine to get everything you need!

But enough of me babbling on about how cool this room is, check out the video below;

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