For many of us, old school gaming is not just nostalgic, it’s more than that, it brings back emotions that have been tucked away since our childhood. 

So, now you’ve got your own house or apartment to fill and at some points you must be sat thinking ‘how do I create a retro gaming man cave?” It’s natural don’t worry. I probably wouldn’t mention it to your partner or spouse straight away, but you know full well that you want to scratch that itch and re-live your childhood. 

Well this is where comes in to help you. Below we’re going to list some key steps to help you create your very own retro gaming man cave, we hope it helps! 

Retro games consoles

We all know what our weapon of choice was growing up. I’m going to show my age but it was the PS1. Crash bandicoot, Spyro, Tony hawk. I spent way too long playing these games, especially Tony hawk. I definitely thought I was going to be a pro skater / BMX rider growing up when realistically this was never going to happen, Tony Hawk Pro Skater was just teasing me along the whole time! 

I have however seen that people now display old games consoles in their retro gaming man caves, more as pieces of art than a machine that they play on. I for one think they’re great and even if you can’t afford to have a whole room in your house dedicated as a man cave, you could create yourself a retro gaming display cabinet with some cool lighting as something to strive towards. 

Retro arcade machines

If like me, you grew up playing on old arcade machines at the bowling alley or old school arcades down by the beachfront then you’ll appreciate how much fun it is to stand at a machine and play through levels of an addictive arcade style game. 

When I was younger it was Pacman, Super Mario, Space Invaders and then as I got older it was Time Crisis, Mario Kart and some more fun Resident Evil arcade games that were all singing all dancing. 

Whatever your favourite game was, there’s now many different ways you can have your own arcade machine in your home. You can buy a box set that connects up to your TV and they’re not very expensive, this also offers a list of games instead of having just 1 to pick from. However, if you’re creating a man cave and you want tit to feature a proper arcade machine then expect to fork out over $2000 for a good machine…

If you want to see some real life ideas in action then check out our tour around this guys man cave with 5 arcade machines in!

Retro decor

Because of the love for everything retro, recently there are so many options you can choose from when looking to kit out your man cave with some retro decor. 

Especially where retro gaming is concerned there has been an influx of old school favourites being re-made into mugs, wall posters, vinyl stickers & figurines aimed towards the old school gamer. 

Again even if you’re not blessed with space and can only create a small area to call your own you can do so by using the available wall space and plastering some posters and fitting a shelf to house some mugs / figurines of your favourite characters from days gone by. 

Where can I buy retro gaming stuff?

Amazon is of course the easiest place to get anything you need and all of the above are certainly on Amazon and can be shipped to you the next day… However I’ve recently started looking at all of the cool things people are making on Etsy! 

If you want to make your man cave stand out from the crowd then Etsy is a massive marketplace now full of more than just little craft projects. You can get an entire coffee table shaped like an old school Nintendo controller and there are thousands of sellers of retro and old school gaming merchandise that you can buy to kit out your very own man cave. 

I just feel like buying on Etsy helps a smaller business out and also helps out the tiny little sellers who are making some really creative stuff, so check it out and see what you think, I’m in no way linked or sponsored by Etsy, it’s just how i’ve been kitting my own man cave out and I really think more people should check it out. 

To wrap up

I really hope this has given you some inspiration to start to kit out your own man cave, especially if you’re looking to scratch that itch of creating a space dedicated to retro gaming, it’s a personal favourite of mine and I for one think there should be more retro gaming around today. 

Thanks for reading!