I’ve said before on this site that it’s not essential to have a whole basement or attic space in order to create a great man cave. In fact, all you need is a quiet corner in your house or bedroom that you can claim as your own. So in this post, I’m going to show you how you can create a man cave in your bedroom.

The first step Decide your man cave theme

You don’t have to have a theme, but most man caves have a certain look and feel to them, some have a rustic feel, others have a sporting theme and there are others that are just downright geeky (which I love) like this Marvel Man Cave we covered in 2020.

But what I advise is that you have some sort of idea of how you want to decorate your man cave and what kind of items you would like in your little corner of peace.

That could be a PC with your games consoles or more of a physical game like a ping pong table or pool table, the possibilities are endless so get researching! You can always use our resources on this site too.

Step Two – Draw out your plan and budget your purchases

As with any project I do, I recommend drawing out exactly where everything is going to go and then creating a spreadsheet of all of the items you want to buy and a spreadsheet of costs.

This way you won’t run out of money buying aimless stupid things, trust me it’s easily done…

As well as looking at other posts from this site and of course our product magazine. you can always look on Pinterest too and get ideas from what other people have done with their bedroom man caves.

if money is a problem and you’re on a shoestring budget then look on second hand online stores like Facebook marketplace or Craigslist to find items for a fraction of the price.

You may have to repair some bits and paint some scratches up but trust me if it makes your money spread further then you won’t care about a few second hand scratches.

*Side note, sometimes the best way to be able to afford something is to make it for yourself, i’m a big advocate of DIY and think it adds some personality to your bedroom man cave if you create something yourself, have a look at desk designs or anything that takes your fancy and see if you can make it yourself, it’ll mean more to you in the long run!

Step Three – Assembly

When everything starts arriving you’re going to feel like a big kid again, get everything built and follow your plans to position everything how you wanted it.

This is the best time to move stuff around if you feel like you would prefer it another way, get all of the heavy lifting and moving out of the way now before you embed cables and connect devices to plug sockets.

Once you’re happy get everything plugged in and start enjoying your space!

Steo Four – Continue saving and a expanding

If like most man cavers, you start to collect a certain item or items for your bedroom man cave then take the time now to save up and expand this collection over time.

All of the best man caves I’ve ever seen and reviewed have taken years to complete and often have lots of DIY elements to them, they’re hand crafted spaces that have slowly but surely grown too large and eventually need their own room just to cater for the amount of crap me own

And by crap I mean priceless collectibles…

No man cave is ever finished and I’ma firm believer in adding to your bedroom man cave whenever you see fit.

To Sum Up

A bedroom is such a good place to start a man cave, it’s a place you already call your own and you don’t have to compete with anyone else for peace and quiet in there.

Most man cavers have grown up kitting out their bedrooms with the best tech and DIY furniture they could make just so they could have an awesome area where they can chill out, game, play music or whatever it is that tickles your fancy.

So follow the steps above and start creating a bedroom man cave for yourself today! You won’t regret it.