There’s a real theme on this site… But, I was scrolling through Reddit when I came across this beast of a garage man cave Tiki Bar.

With a name like Leroy’s Luau Lounge, you just know it’s not going to disappoint in any way.

It is more than worthy of a feature on this site and I hope you can gain some motivation and or inspiration to create something like this for yourself!

First impressions are just unbelievable, we’re going to try and simplify this man cave tiki bar down into bite size chunks so you can have a go at replicating the style in your own man cave bar!

Tiki bar decor

The decor in this Tiki Bar is just great, but it’s not as complex as you may think and could be quite easily replicated in your own man cave.

The wicker furniture make you feel like you’re sat out in a beach bar in Hawaii and you can buy them from amazon or any local furniture store.

The bar and ceiling are clad in bamboo but if you’re on more of a budget you could use these bamboo screen rolls from Amazon that would do basically the same job!

Then there’s amount of plants and greenery that allow you to feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical paradise.

All of these decor ideas put together make for an amazing first impression and honestly make you feel like you’re on the beach and not your back garden!

The Actual Tiki Bar

The actual man cave bar itself is a real piece of art and so well put together, creating this must have taken such a long time. If you’re looking to create a bar like this then use this image, properly plan it out and make sure you spend a good amount of time putting it all together.

You want to be able to walk up behind this bar and feel like you’re in Honolulu and forget about all worries and stresses for a while. My advice for anyone looking to replicate this is to spend a good chunk of your time and budget on the bar and make it a real feature of the room!

The little Tiki figurines that sit all around the room just reiterate the style and I for one absolutely love them, they’re also great little storage options for holding straws, pens and so on.

Tiki Bar Lighting

The lighting options in this Tiki Bar Man Cave are really clever, they’ve managed to combine some tropical colours using LED lighting strips and also have some Tiki Style lamp shades for extra effect.

You can also replicate the string lights on the left-hand side very easily by purchasing some from a local hardware store or these similar ones on Amazon.

Basically, any kind of lighting that is going to give off some tropical colours are going to look amazing in your own little Tiki Bar. if you have a way of dimming the lighting too then you’ll have yourself some Tiki Bar lighting even the Tiki’s would be jealous of!

You can always get yourself some tiki bar styled lamps to dot around the room if you think you need to ‘Tiki’ it up a bit…

I’ll sign this blog post off by saying thank you to Reddit User r/Leevigraham for letting us feature his man cave titki bar on our site.

I for one have definitely taken some inspiration form this and want to add a few things to my own bar area.

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