When it comes to man cave gifts there are really only a handful of categories that you need to worry about

Because every man caver will have a slightly different theme, however, the same kind of topics apply if you’re looking to get someone a gift for their man cave.

As man cave owners ourselves we want to help you give the best gift possible to another man cave owner, so what we’ve done is listed all of the best man cave gifts categories that you can explore when thinking of giving a gift to a man caver, If you want to skip straight to a certain category then I’ve linked them below

  1. Man Cave Wall Art Gift Ideas
  2. Man Cave Decor Gift Ideas
  3. Man Cave Entertainment Gift Ideas
  4. Man Cave Bar Gift Ideas
  5. Garage Gift Ideas

Wall Art Gift Ideas

When it comes to man cave wall art there are lots of ideas to choose from. And to get an idea of what you should be buying as a gift then you’ll need to understand the man cave itself, it’s the same for all of the categories we mentioned earlier really.

If you’re looking to buy man cave gifts for someone and they either already have it or don’t particularly want it then you’ve wasted your time really.

So, what I would do is get to know the man cave you’re buying a gift for, ask the man caver lots of questions about his man cave and wall art and see if this is a gift idea that would be beneficial to them

There’s lots of main categories of wall art, but the main ones are;


Is your man caver into movies? Then there’s hundreds of movie posters to choose from especially on Amazon, or are they more of a car kind of person and a car poster would be more beneficial? Find out your man cavers niche and likes then take a look through some of the poster options available.


A canvas is kind of the next step up from a poster in my eyes, they add a bit more depth into the room and aren’t so 2D, you can also get the canvas art that links together to create one giant piece of canvas art which is cool.

man cave gifts - signs

Metal Art

Metal art is a lot like the posters we mentioned before but sat on a thing metal plate instead, aesthetically they’re pretty cool so just keep an eye out for these and see if they’re something that would be in keeping with the man caves theme.

Normal / Signed memorabilia

Sports memorabilia is such a personal thing so be careful if you’re going to choose this as the man cave gift. You need to find out who the person in control of the man cave supports and their favourite players, old or new, that they like following.

Because trust me, if you buy the wrong teams memorabilia or the wrong player the gift could be burned in front of you and that wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

Decor Gift Ideas

Now, again don’t be disheartened if this isn’t the niche you can buy a gift for either, the decor of a man cave is one of the most important things to the man caver

So sometimes even just suggesting that they should change their decor is not a great idea. But what you can do is add to their decor and buy a man cave gift that fits in really nicely.

To do this you really have to understand the angle they’ve gone for with the man cave and come up with gift ideas that help to enhance the room

Some examples of man cave decor are;


There’s so many cool ideas on the web hen it comes to man cave lighting, and it all depends on the theme of the man cave once again.

If they’ve got quite an industrial themed man cave then these industrial pipe lights might fit in really nicely or alternatively if it’s more of a console gamers room then a big neon sign never goes a miss!

A really cool piece of lighting you can buy them is these lighting tiles that they can change colour from their phones!

man cave gifts - poker table


– Again a man cave gift idea that needs some proper research before purchasing, because most of the time a man caves furniture is the rugged old stuff that you don’t want in the house any more.

However… If you’re clever you can get a man cave gift that helps to enhance the room for example a display cabinet for all of their figurines they collect or movies they want to keep that just don’t look nice stored inside the home usually

Another idea is purchasing them a big poker table or some kind of games table that will enhance the room, pool table, foosball table, air hockey, that kind of thing.

man cave gifts - wallpaper

Paint colours / Wallpaper /

Lastly I wanted to talk about the wallpaper, wall fixtures and paint colours.

Again, get this wrong and you could annoy a man caver more than you’ll ever know, so do your research and ask them questions about their ideas for paint colour, wallpaper or wall fixtures.

A nice example is this vintage wood effect wall paper that turns your man cave into a rustic man cave

Entertainment Gift Ideas

Sometimes everything in the man cave is built around the entertainment centre

So it’s vital to understand that this man cave gift idea needs to be spot on if you want them to truly appreciate what you’ve got them

There’s a few main areas to consider if you’re buying an entertainment based gift and they are;

TV / Screens

A TV is where all the magic happens, especially if you’re watching a sports game or movie, so if you’re going to gift someone a TV or a projector screen then do your research, measure up and make sure it’s going to be the optimum size for the room.

Too small and no one will see what’s going on, too big and it’ll look ridic… never mind actually go big or go home!

Console / Media player

This is the thing your husband / partner is spending 90% of their time on in their man cave, it’s their entertainment system, whether that be a Playstation 5, a computer or a music system it’s something that is going to be an all singing all dancing piece of kit.

And if you really want to win the heart of your man cave owner, then you could always buy them the newest console out there for their man cave.

Alternatively you could always buy them the latest games or accessories for these systems.

Non electronic entertainment

This goes back to my earlier point about a pool table, table foosball, ping pong and so on

Sometimes an entertainment system doesn’t have to be electronic, and often a great gift idea is to give the gift of activity and fun with one of the above.

Bar Gift Ideas

Knowing someone who has a bar in their garden, shed or garage is a real win in life

What you need to do is make sure you keep getting them really cool gifts so that you’re invited to all of their parties and gatherings!

So below are some of the best gift ideas we can recommend a man cave bar;

Beer Bottle Cap Collectors

Opening a beer can be a bit of a boring task, but just imagine if you could live this simple task up with a comic gift!

There’s things like a bottle cap gun & A bottle cap collectors that turn this simple task into something quite fun

Unique Ice Moulds

Why give someone a really unoriginal gift for their man cave bar when you can give them unique ice moulds

The best bit is you’ll definitely have to be invited back so you can see the ice moulds in action!

They’re really fun and easy to use which makes for the perfect gift.

Unique Drink Gifts

Don’t just take a bottle round to a man cave bar as a gift, take a unique drinks gift that they’ll have never seen before

Like this customised jerry can that holds a bottle of whiskey and cans of soda and a glass to go with it too!

Again, it’s unique, fun and they won’t be disappointed

Garage Gift Ideas

To most, their garage is their storage sanctuary, this is where you keep all of the dirty stuff that is still vitally important to any home, like the vacuum or sandpaper!

But when you’re thinking of buying a gift for someone with their man cave in the garage its important to remember that this space is their sanctuary and any gift should help them make their garage that little bit better

Some examples are;

man cave gifts - lights

Portable Garage Light

One thing I always struggle with in my garage is the lighting, so having a strong portable garage light is a a gift that i’d definitely like to receive!

man cave gifts - tools

Magnetic Tool Holder

Another of the best man cave gifts would be a magnetic tool holder, these make it really easy to store tools in your garage and allow you to free up space in your toolbox.

Not only that but they look pretty cool too!

man cave gifts - mugs

Workshop Inspired Coffee Mug

If the man caver you’re buying a gift for is a bit of a grease monkey, then a retro Castrol coffee mug could be a great idea for a man cave gift, as long as they don’t mistake it for an actual oil tin…

To Conclude

I hope this helps you when looking for man cave gifts, feel free to take a look through our man cave tours for more man cave ideas and the different gifts you could buy

Alternatively you could always visit our YouTube channel for even more man cave ideas