Scrolling through Reddit I managed to stumble across an account and a man cave basement that actually took me by surprise. @gameroomtheatre has managed to create what can only be described as one of the best man caves I’ve ever seen…

So, as we like to celebrate man caves of all shapes and sizes I thought it would be great to feature him on here and showcase his work to the dedicated man cave specialists and man cave rookies who read the blog. Hopefully, you get some ideas for your own man cave basement from reading this too!

Games room entrance

As you walk down the steep steps into this man cave you’re greeted by an illuminated game room sign but even though that is loud and right in your face, you can’t help but notice just how clean and smart everything looks down there.

What first takes my eye is the indoor putting green in the middle of the room. This in itself could be a theme for a whole entire man cave for an avid golfer but seems to just be the beginning of the fun I this room…

Then as you pan around some more you’re drawn to the foosball table. Personally one of my most favourite pieces of kit for a man cave is the foosball table. It required next to no skill, anyone can play and it’s a good laugh.

The swords on the wall are an acquired taste, I for one like them and have a samurai sword of my own to hang up some day but it may not be something that others want.

The chess table is interesting, in old-school gentlemen’s rooms there was always a chess table, it was their form of fun. What’s refreshing is that there are a foosball table and a golf green so far but the chess table takes pride of place as soon as you walk in.

As you come down into the belly of this man cave basement you’ll unveil a set of cinema-style chairs that look sooooo comfy and a sofa set up in front of a good-sized TV that looks like the sofa he’ll use when there’s no one else about.

But when you see what’s to come, and if you’ve watched the video above then it’s no surprise, but I wouldn’t be watching that TV unless there was a lot going on in the room. and there was no other option…

And then you turn around and realise there’s more to this man cave basement…

Over in the corner is a full sized ping pong table that is surrounded by his favourite film and sports memorabilia

The gambling machines beforehand would be really fun with a full party of people and the guitar on the wall just adds some character, I’m going to put my head on the line and say that guitar was something he bought and said ‘i’m going to learn how to play’ but definitely hasn’t touched it since buying it. Please prove me wrong!

man cave theatre

What happens next is in every aspiring man cavers wet dreams…

What @gameroomtheatre has managed to build here is a very luxurious and comfortable home theatre that only a small % of people building a man cave will be able to achieve.

This room is my absolute dream and the fact that he has a whole entertaining space with every man cave item you could possibly want in a room and then they THIS room to it is just absolutely crazy. Even the projector screen, which can notoriously be bad quality, is crisp and smooth which just adds to the experience.


There is no doubt that this room is something out of a man child’s dreams. However, I don’t want the every-day man cave rookie to be put off by this place, I want it to inspire and to give you more ideas of how best to create your own personal space.

I want to thank @gameroomtheatre for allowing us to share his content on our blog, you absolutely need to go and check out his YouTube channel where he talks about all of the different aspects of this dream man cave basement, see his link below;


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