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Just a short one for you here after I found this crazy tv set up below on reddit, hopefully it gives you some inspiration; As always, I was searching Reddit the other day when I came across this crazy man cave tv setup that is rivalled by no TV set up I’ve ever seen… u/jakoboskin […]

Yes I know, no one can hold a poker night at the minute with the current lockdowns… But’ let’s not get too wrapped up in those kinds of details and let’s look forward to the days when you can invite your pals over to your man cave for a poker night. To make sure it’s […]

i’m really happy to feature other sites on here when I find an article worthy of a mention, and I think I’ve found an article that you guys will absolutely love from Airtasker Blog So sit back, relax and take a look at the 35 most popular man cave ideas; It’s an American invention that […]

I’m enjoying featuring other sites on here and recently came across a great post from thesawguy.com. I for one absolutely love making stuff for my house and man cave, the below post is going to give you 29 DIY man cave ideas for anyone on a budget; Who among us doesn’t find himself daydreaming about […]

I’ve said before on this site, there’s nothing better than making something yourself for your man cave, i’ve been searching recently for some fun games that I can make for my own man cave and came across this post from hertoolbelt.com. I really hope you can take some inspiration from the below post and create […]

This is not a complete man cave, however, I just couldn’t skip past this set up without mentioning it on the site. I got talking to ISurfedRJ45 on Reddit, who by the way is a really nice guy! After seeing his set up on r/battlestations, I just had to speak to him about his minimalistic […]

If I asked you what items you would have in your dream man cave, I can put money on the fact that 90% of you would include some kind of games area or games table to play on your own or with friends. So I’ve taken it upon myself to list out the top 10 […]

The whole idea of having a man cave is that it’s a space you have created with your bare hands. There’s no better way to inject some of your own personality into your man cave than creating something yourself. So here is born the DIY corner of Kitoutmymancave.com. Scrolling through Pinterest had me stumble across […]

Let’s be honest men, interior design is not our strong point. We’ll plaster all of our favourite bits and pieces onto the walls of our man caves and leave the rest bare (apart from the odd ping pong table or foosball table). So I thought I’d try and help you out by showing off 5 […]