As always our latest post comes from scouring through the Man Cave sub-Reddit and we came across this awesome 3D printing, Gaming & Tinkering man cave Garden Room that I just had to share!

And what I love about this man cave is that it is unapologetically unique,r/adrutu has built a man cave that has everything he’ll ever need and it’s not your typical pristine neat and tidy man cave that we see plastered over social media

This is a man cave that is organised chaos, organised to the point where the user knows exactly where everything is and that is the only person who needs to know where everything is anyway!

We asked if we could have a description from the owner of the man cave and he provided just that below;

I am a mid 30’s engineer/designer/technician in the construction industry in Ireland, a pretty big tinkerer, into 3D printing, LEGO Technic, PC gaming, biking and skating and father of 2 young children. 

Moved into a new estate, watched the new house going up and I had an idea – ask the builder to provide power and ethernet and pour a 3x6m slab at the back of the fairly small garden.

After 6 months have passed since moving in, the plan was formed. Old Kinspan sandwich panel from work -200mm thick – and with the help of a few friends the bike shed / mancave / office was built:

The 6m length of the slab was divided as follows : 3m for the office, enclosed in KS panels, warm in the winter, cool in the summer , followed by 2m width for the tool/bike timber shed and 1m overhang for the bins. The timber shed is mainly a wood structure with plywood on both faces, waterproofing membrane and shiplap boards for the finishing. The roof is also a timber structure with corugated metal sheets and aluminium closer flashings, custom made to order and installed by myself. 

Ended up using old laminate flooring left over from the house, no finish on the walls, just the metal faced panels as they are. Surface mounted sockets and conduit to keep things simple. Then came the second hand desks, the DIY shelfs (mounted and standing), the spare freezer (handy for quickly chilling a few beers, if you don’t forger them there) then it started getting filled as i moved my office from the spare room in  the house. 

Today it is my refuge and my workplace in equal parts as I work from home 98% of the time and tinker / design / create /  play and relax in the same space.

Some of the keyboards are my own creations, some just modded existing products. The bins under the desks are filled with LEGO technic that is quietly waiting for the kids to grow up enough to make buggies and all sorts of creations ( I amassed an impressive amount while researching and building a LEGO mechanical drawing machine – which created the framed drawing on the right – ONLY LEGO TECHNIC and a few batteries) 

The plate carrier on display as you walk in is my Operator setup for airsoft but I wont display the replica guns as Ireland is pretty tough on the legal side and I prefer to play it safe – I have no space for them up on the walls anyway. 

I want to take this time to thank r/adrutu for sharing his man cave with us and for providing all of the finer details

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