If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that I spend way too much time on Reddit… and this time I was looking at marvel man cave ideas.

Whilst scrolling I came across @Moshtradamus03, you can check out his Reddit profile by clicking on his name. If you absolutely love the Marvel franchise and you’re currently looking to create a space for yourself then this post will give you all of the Marvel man cave ideas you need.

The first thing I love about this Marvel man cave is the organised chaos. There is so much stuff in this room but everything has a place and the organisation of the room is impeccable.

everything from the marvel figurines and toys around the room and the posters are displayed perfectly and you can tell they’re all put on display for people to see not just because he owns them and wants them in his man cave.

Not only does he have enough marvel merchandise to make any fan jealous, he has a PC set up that most gamers would dream of having.

The dual screen display is something I absolutely love, especially with how he has his second monitor set up in the landscape position, great for seeing the comment section of a twitch stream or scrolling through social media platforms.

There’s something about pop figures that I absolutely love. You know they’re not to be played with and they’re only for display purposes but they’re so cool and I really want to create a Pop Figure display in my own man cave.

A man cave really elevates itself to the next level when it has it’s own arcade machine. And the fact this one is Marvel inspired is just excellent. I can only imagine how much time has been spent at this machine, I know I would never leave the room if I didn’t have to.

Either side of the arcade machine is more figurines spilling over the furniture but in such a cool aesthetic way, I absolutely love it!

A bookshelf is something you don’t see in many man caves, you see them in some ‘gentleman’ style man caves or offices but not in a normal games room. That said, I love this one as it is very minimalistic and only houses what seems like his favourite books.

Posters and wall art is great, but a metallic Captain America Shield is dope. It changes from the norm and really creates a feature piece in your man cave. If you’re looking to decorate a man cave then putting up more than just posters and jerseys and having some kind of personality upon the walls will make it look great and gives you something to talk about with friends who come over.

Turn the corner and there’s more Marvel paraphernalia and toys/figurines stacked up against the wall, but again they’re stacked up in a way that makes it look really smart. the giant Spiderman toy again adds personality and gives this room something different compared to other man caves i’ve seen.


All in all, this room has so much stuff in it, but everything is displayed in a way which makes the room look so smart. Some of the wall features like the Captain America shield and the giant Spiderman add some personality to the room that you don’t see in other man caves. I commend @Moshtradamus03 for how clean and tidy everything is and how everything is kept really smart. Not only that but the way in which everything is displayed is to be applauded and I hope he can spend a lot of time in this room and enjoy it thoroughly.

If you’re looking to create your own man cave and love Marvel then I hope this gives you some inspiration and motivation, if you manage to create your own and want to feature it on this blog just email it to us kitoutmymancave@gmail.com

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