Ever fancied creating a neon man cave so bright it could actually damage your eyes every time you go in there?

Then you should definitely take note from this reddit users man cave…

The whole man cave is unapologetically bright and garish, and hints to lots of different man cave genre ideas, however there’s a real nod to retro gaming throughout the man cave as a main theme.

As soon as you walk into this man cave you’re smacked in the face with decorative LED signage underneath an xbox logo light.

This offsets your gaze from the pc setup thats sat underneath, which is in no way half arsed or scrimped on

As you swoop round you see a lot of man cave posters that resonates with a younger age range

As i’ve said over and over again on this site, utilising every inch of wall space is vitally important if you want to create a man cave that really stands out from the rest

You move round again to find oldschool gaming consoles from years gone by, they’re so cool to look at and display and they turn any good man cave into a great man cave

This could only be made better if they were plugged in and ready to play!

I am an ABSOLUTE SUCKER for an oldschool arcade machine

And I genuinely believe that they turn any man cave into a great man cave, NBA jam is a firm favourite too, so that added to the mix means i’m really starting to rate this man cave very highly

The wall art is not to my personal taste but I can see the appeal as it’s quirky and loud, again though, a great use of the wall space.

And finally, as you sweep round one more step you come to the man cave storage and the collection of monster energy cans stacked on top of it.

This just finishes the room off nicely, gives our man caver room to store his games \ memorabilia & also gives him more space to decorate and more room to fill this man cave up with more and more retro gaming gear.

I for one do really like this room and want to thank reddit user Chem0therapy for allowing us to feature it on the site

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