This is not a complete man cave, however, I just couldn’t skip past this set up without mentioning it on the site.

I got talking to ISurfedRJ45 on Reddit, who by the way is a really nice guy! After seeing his set up on r/battlestations, I just had to speak to him about his minimalistic man cave desk set up and the style of desk set up he had created.

But it got me thinking, i’m constantly banging on about kitting out a man cave with as much stuff as possible, but what if you don’t want to do that, what if you have a real eye for a minimal aesthetic and want to enjoy a room that has less in it?I can completely understand that, especially if your desk setup looks like the images above…

Wooden Aesthetic

For some reason, I just can’t get enough of a rustic wooden aesthetic. If you look closely at the desk you can see that it has been made out of reclaimed wood, you could get something similar for your own man cave on Etsy.

The wooden/rustic metal lamp shade doubles up as a phone charger and just adds a bit of character to the desk.

Next your eyes are taken towards the keyboard…

Not only does this keyboard look really f*@£ing cool, but you just know it’s going to have an amazing feel to it and it suits his minimalist desk set up so well. The only style I can find on Amazon that resembles this keyboard is here.

Quirky items

I’ve always said that you need some items in your man cave that really show your personality. But it is a really bold statement to have a rustic style globe sat on a desk that has next to nothing on it. Somehow this giant globe looks completely at home on this desk and you hardly even notice it’s there!

I always think it’s so important having something like this in your man cave, some kind of talking piece or a feature item that sets your man cave apart from everybody elses and gets people talking every time you have people around.


Just a short appreciation post, but it’s really got me thinking about the minimalist and rustic style. This desk setup is beautiful but functional at the same time. I’m looking to kit out my own garage man cave soon and I seriously think I want to try and look at this kind of style. Tidy, clean, functional.

I want to thank ISurfedRJ45 for talking to me and for inspiring me to look into a new style of room design.

If there’s anything to take away from this post it’s this, if you like the minimalist style, then try it out on your man cave and see if t having less brings you more joy. It seems that having meaningful equipment could actually look amazing at the same time.

I’m blown away, more of this style will definitely feature on this site in the near future.

If you’ve got your own minimalistic man cave then please feel free to send over any images to for a chance to feature on this site.