For most normal people, converting a whole basement or attic into a man cave is completely out of budget. Space nowadays can be hard to come by and for most men, their escape comes from their computer. Spending time browsing the web, gaming or watching a new series by yourself can be a great way to escape from the real world for an hour or so. That’s why I wanted to try and bring you some small gaming man cave ideas to help you kit out your space whatever size it is.

So I’m obsessed with the thought of a man cave and I’ve been trying to think of the biggest baddest room I could build. But what if a room is not what you need? What if all you need is a desk and something that gives you some peace and quiet for a little while?

This is what I stumbled upon when scrolling through reddit like usual. I know this might not look ‘simple’ but this is a man’s dream all swapped up in one small space. It proves you don’t need a whole room with a home movie theatre to create a space that is personal to you, although that does help…

Above is a picture of a man cave from a guy I was speaking to on Reddit. His username is @davedy215 and this small gaming man cave is cram-packed full of posters, tech & nostalgia.

Let’s start with the posters on the wall. Marvel is such a massive thing for so many people and I just love the fact that the walls are plastered with posters of his favourite films and characters. I’ve always said that a man cave shouldn’t be called a man cave until you can’t see the paint on the walls. There’s a lot of man cave ideas out there but simply putting posters up on the wall can have a great effect.

There’s obviously a massive nod to gaming in this man cave, the nintendo switch up on the wall looks great and the custom PC looks like a powerhouse! There’s a small nod to the old school gaming scene with the PS1 mug and the PS1 hidden behind the gaming chair.

There’s a serious set of headphones sat on top of some pretty serious monitors that take the set up to a whole new level. It turns a small space in your home into a ‘man cave’ contender and allows you to escape from the worlds smallest problems if only for a little minute.

I admire anyone who can take a small space in their home and call it their own, especially when they kit it out with as much as Dave has. He should be so proud of the area the has created and I hope this man cave can inspire you to create a small space of your own in your home.

It just proves that you really do not need a massive basement man cave or a huge garage man cave bar to brag to your friends about. You can create a space, whatever the size, and enjoy it nonetheless.