As always, Reddit is my main source of content for this site… and through speaking with a guy called DJ Pittman I have managed to find you a sports memorabilia man cave worthy of an honourable mention.

If you’ve read my other blog posts you know my number one rule is that there should be hardly any wall space left because you’ve crammed every inch of the walls with your favourite framed jerseys, movie posters & vinyl records. But this man cave takes that to a whole new level!

DJ sent me these images and said ‘My man cave isn’t much’ and this one sentence should never be said by any aspiring man caver. DJ has what many men can only dream of and that is a space he can call his own with all of his favourite bits and pieces in there.

Any space you can call your own, no matter what the size, is an admirable feat in the way of the ‘man cave’.

Man Cave Decor

There’s obviously a strong connection to St Louis, but this image epitomises everything a man cave should be. Every piece of memorabilia or as the wife calls it ‘toot and rubbish’ displayed in whatever way you see fit.

It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else, the rugs don’t have to match the decor, the sofa could be a freebie from down the road and the TV could be the broken one from the spare bedroom. But none of that matters, and none of the above is true for what DJ has created, however my point is that you can create your man cave with whatever you can get your hands on.

A true interior designer should walk into a man cave and absolutely hate it, I want a man cave to be a proper man cave and DJ has created just that.

His man cave is as rugged as can be but tidy at the same time. There is so much stuff in this room, but it is all presented perfectly and nothing takes away from the other. The smallest pieces of sports memorabilia takes pride of place alongside a giant poster or two hundred DVDs / books.

None of it has to make sense, and that’s why I love it!

Man Cave Lighting

What I do love about most man cave lighting is that it is functional, and again, the wife / interior designers would absolutely hate it. However, the above shows that you just need some LED lighting and some hanging exterior lights to make the room look great.

I absolutely love how the lighting makes the room look and think every man cave’s lighting should be as simplistic and as functional as this.

All in all I absolutely love this man cave. It’s got everything you could ever want all crammed into a space that offers everything a sports fan needs when they want to watch the game. I think DJ has managed to create a space that some men can only dream of, and to fit so much character and personality in there too is never easy.

We hope this man acve has given you some inspiration too, as always if you have your own man cave you want to submit then please email us!

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