If I asked you what items you would have in your dream man cave, I can put money on the fact that 90% of you would include some kind of games area or games table to play on your own or with friends. So I’ve taken it upon myself to list out the top 10 best games for your man cave, so you can create a space to entertain yourself and others for years to come.

  1. Dart Board
  2. Table Tennis/Ping Pong
  3. Pool Table
  4. Chess Board
  5. Console Gaming
  6. Arcade Machine
  7. Poker/Cards
  8. Board Games
  9. Golf Putting Green/Simulator
  10. Skittles/Bowling

Dart Boards

Cheap & hours of good fun, a dartboard is my number 1 game to have in your man cave. Yes, pool tables & ping pong tables are cool, but they’re mega expensive for your average man caver. In my opinion, a dartboard gives you hours of fun and loads of different games whilst also being a cheaper alternative than the big hitters. If you want to customize your dartboard area then check out our recent post on some DIY dar board ideas, you can turn a small item on the wall into a real feature with minimal cost too!

Table Tennis/Ping Pong

Coming in a close second for me is the ping pong table. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but if they are then there’s sometimes no better feeling than a rally on one of these bad boys!

The only down side is that you need quite a lot of space to host a ping pong table and they’re also expensive for what they are too.

Sometimes I think if you have a smaller man cave then you’re better off saving your money and spending it on other things that will make your smaller room more usable. If you have large space and need a hole filling then grab a ping pong table, you won’t be disappointed!

Pool Table

The same kind of principles apple for the pool table as they do to the ping pong table…

You really have to decide whether you think you’ll enjoy a pool table or a ping pong table more. If you haven’t got the space for both why not look at a multi-game table. You sacrifice some of the full-size capabilities of either of the pool table/ping pong table but you get to have both games in your man cave, I think that’s a pretty good trade-off, don’t you?

Chess Board

Now all you Millenials are going to read this and completely shut it off, but a good game of chess can be a really fun, mind engaging game to play.

Not only are they normally very cheap, but games can last hours if you’re both good players (or bad for that matter…)

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, learn the rules and get playing today!

Console Gaming

Now I don’t necessarily mean going out and buying yourself a brand new Xbox or Playstation. I mean getting yourself some kind of console and gaming experience that you can use to entertain with or even play on your own.

If you do want to invest in a proper console gaming setup then check out one of my previous posts around a gaming setup in a small area. With a console, it’s possible to set up a really intimate area and claim it for yourself as your man cave. you don’t need a whole room, you just need a TV and a console and you’re set up.

Arcade Machine

Again, you millenials won’t even know what on of these are… but for anyone older than 20 you’ll know just how cool an arcade machine is. There’s something so nostalgic about playing an old school arcade game on a proper arcade machine. The next gen graphics of today put some of the older arcade games to shame but the simplistic and addictive nature of an older arcade style game is something new consoles can’t contend with.


Poker, everyone likes to think they’re good at it. A few actually are, the rest are terrible liars and shouldn’t gamble their money in a game of poker.

However, if you’re entertaining your friends or a group of players you usually play against, then Poker is such a good game for your man cave. You can get some food in, get a few drinks and set up for a few hours of laughs and a good classic game of Poker with your pals.

Board Games

Everyone loves a good board game. My personal favourite, Monopoly, causes family feuds and arguments for weeks. But if you’re a family or group of friends that can play board games amicably then there are so many different classics that can keep you entertained for hours.

Golf Putting Green

This is definitely a niche of it’s own. If you couldn’t think of anything worse than playing golf then skip this one!

However if you absolutely love a round of golf then a small putting green in your man cave is an absolute winner, even if you have friends around you can all enjoy a bit of a putting competition in between drinks or games.

This can get a bit repetitive, so maybe include some drinks or forfeits if people putt below par to keep it exciting.


Another one that needs a bit of room, however, if you can spare some space for an indoor bowling game then you’ll have hours of fun. You can buy small sets from Amazon that will allow you to set it up and pack it back down again afterwards so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much room!


I hope this post gives you some ideas of games that you can set up in your man cave, you don’t need a huge amount of room in order to entertain a group of friends. Some of the more simple games can be fun for hours and cost half the price of some of the bigger tables. Treat yourself to one of the above by following any of the links in this article today!