so you want to make a man cave, but you only have a small amount of space to build one in? We’ve got you covered! In this article we’re going to talk about some of the best small man cave ideas that we’ve seen to help show that you don’t need a giant basement or attic conversion to have one, hope you enjoy!

We’ve listed the different topics below, so you don’t have to read the whole thing if you don’t want to!

  1. Small man cave ideas – Bar
  2. Small man cave Ideas – Gaming
  3. Small man cave ideas – Wall art
  4. Small man cave ideas – Furniture
  5. Small man cave ideas – Entertainment

Small man cave ideas – bar

Everyone knows that the most traditional form of man cave is a bar of some sort. But, if you’ve not got a lot of space then what options do you have to create your very own space? Well, this section is all around small man cave ideas for your bar, so take a look at some of the cool ideas below;

small man cave ideas, man cave bar
small man cave ideas – Bar

If space is an issue then smart little man cave ideas like this are ideal

Use of wall space is so vital for an small man cave as you’ll have a lot more real estate to play with on the weall than you will on the floor, so the use of the wooden bottle holders are a great idea for any small man cave bar.

The stool that tuck under the bar top are also a great idea as they tuck away when not in use and don’t take up too much room.

Clever little ideas for holding glasses are also convenient for small man cave bars as they help to keep everything tidy and out of the way.

Struggling for space inside? another small man cave idea is to take the party outside and dedicate a small amount of wall space to a fold out bar, these space saving small bars act as a table top, once folded out, and allow you to entertain friends and guests with cocktails and drinks

Again, stools are a greta idea here as you can tuck them out the way, or you could include some sort of outside benches that are more decorative, but both options allow you to have a man cave bar in a tight space!

Man cave bar

Again, if you’re struggling for space inside, but have enough room for a shed like structure in your garden then why not invest in a dedicated man cave bar like the image above!

With space being tight having once of these purpose made man cave bars in your garden could be the best alternative to the man cave you’ve always wanted!

You could always look at building your own if you wanted to save even more money. However, a space like this would really be a great idea if you want to host more garden parties with your mates or just provide half time entertainment for the big games.

Small man cave bar

Coming back inside, again if floor space is the thing stopping you from having a man cave bar then this small man cave idea allows you to use up a very small amount of floor space in the corner of the room and allows you to make the most of the available space on the walls!

You then don’t need to dedicate a whole room to the man cave, you can just use the corner of it and make use of the space you have elsewhere.

So all in all, some great small man cave ideas there especially if you’re looking to create a bar (which most people are…) make sure you check out some of the other man cave tours we’ve done to get some more cool ideas from real man caves we’ve had the chance to look at.

Small man cave Ideas – Gaming

If there’s one thing us men do to get away from all of our stresses in life, it’s going to play games that make us even more stressed. There’s no logic in that, I know…

But, that being said, hundred or thousands of man caves have been created based solely on their ‘owners’ love for gaming, so in this part of the post we’re going to take a look at some of the coolest small gaming man cave ideas;

Man cave gaming setup

The first example here is quite out there..

But essentially this is a small room in someones home

Wall Space

Again as per the bars in the section above, if you’ve not got a lot of room and want to optimise space then making the most of the wall space is vital

This man cave has optimised wall space by using a tall piece of furniture that hugs the wall and allows the owner to display all of their favourite games / collectibles.

Another great part of this man cave is the use of screens, if you have a small space in which to create your man cave then again optimising the wall space with a large TV or a selection of screens gives you more real estate to play with when you’re gaming.


In this man cave above, the other clever aspect is the lighting.

In a small space, clever use of lighting can really help to highlight your favourite aspects and make the room feel bigger than it actually is.

LED strip lighting, and clever lighting in the ceiling help to really bring the above man cave to life

Another great example here of small man cave ideas for gaming setups

You can quite easily tuck your man cave away in the corner of the room and build your man cave around a corner desk set up

Again, using the wall space to display your favourite items is essential and the desk will give you all the space you need to build a great set up and a space that you can escape to when you need it most

Small man cave ideas – Wall Art

As i’ve previously stated in this post, the best way to utilise space for a small man cave is to use as much of the wall space as possible

And, what better way to make a room or space your own than hanging your favourite items, posters or collectibles either straight onto the wall or in cabinets that hang from the wall too

One thing we love is when people use giant posters in their man caves to really make a statement, and this is a senseless plug as we also stock large posters for your man cave in our store!

man cave wall art king and queen of spades playing cards

Take these large posters of playing cards as an example, they’re so cool to look at and they help to set the tone of the whole room

The furniture is also cool but the first thing that takes your eye is the wall art, and this is why decorating with large posters is one of the best small man cave ideas you can have.

guitar wall art

Another cool example is this idea where you use collectibles or mechanise as the wall art, again it helps to guide the eye to the walls and it’ll make for a great talking point in your man cave.

stacked wall art

And the final idea is the idea of stacking different pieces of wall art together to create a cluster of decoration that again acts as an awesome talking point in your man cave and makes it different from all the rest.

Man cave ideas – Furniture

Man cave furniture is always the most difficult thing to get right

It’s also the most important as it’s going to be the one thing that you spend the most of your time sitting in / laying on

So it’s important that in a small space you don’t compromise on quality otherwise you’ll create a space you never use

So take a look at some of best furniture ideas for small man caves below;

As far as furniture goes, stools are a great way to save space, especially if you’re looking to create a small man cave bar!

They tuck away after use and are out of sight, perfect for a small man cav

However, bear in mind that people probably won’t want to sit on a stool all night as their backs will be battered, so let’s look at some other cool ideas too

L shaped couch for man cave

An L shaped coach is always a winner when it comes to man cave furniture, and you can actually get some really nice smaller ones that will fit into a small man cave

Comfy and stylish, the L shaped couch will ensure that you and your guests are comfortable when watching the big game or just chilling out and playing video games.

man cave seating ideas

This set up of furniture is amazing for when you have a lot of people over to watch a game or spend the night gaming

No only do you not get in each others way but you have plenty of space to rest your beers, food and make a proper night of it

The mix of stools and chairs means you’ll fit more people in and have an amazing time, so you should definitely consider this set up if you have a smaller amount of space but want to fit more people in

Small man cave ideas – Entertainment

The final section of this post is the entertainment section

And if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of space then we’re going to give you the very best small man cave entertainment ideas below;

man cave dart board

Wall space is going to be your friend again here

and a dart board is absolutely perfect for this as you can decorate and style it in any way that you see fit

This has the capability of being the main game in your man cave, alongside maybe some video game equipment too for a complete package

We have a whole post on man cave dar board ideas, you can find it here

multi game table

Another cool idea is to buy yourself a multi game table

This way ou can have a ping pong table, air hockey & pool all in one space and not have to use up a tonne of room to do so

It’s a great idea and one that would certainly elevate your man cave entertainment capabilities in a small space!


So, there you have it!

The very best small man cave ideas that we could gather for you

We hope it’s helped, as always make sure check out our store and our blog for more man cave ideas

And if you have a man cave that you’d like to submit to us to show on our home page then please email