As a kid growing up I loved skateboarding, I wasn’t very good… But I was always up at our local skate park falling off and getting back up again raring to give it another go.

So when I saw this skateboard Man Cave on reddit I thought it was so awesome and I just had t share it with the rest of you.

Yes, you’re seeing this right… A MINI RAMP BUILT INSIDE THE MAN CAVE.

I don’t know about you but as a kid I would have given my left arm for something like this.

Just imagine being able to invite all of your friends over, stick on your best music and skate until you were too bruised to move, heaven.

But it’s not just the mini ramp that impresses me with this skateboard man cave, nailing all of those old decks to the wall really turns the place from a cold mini ramp into a full on skate hut, it gives the room some personality and I absolutely love it

I always say that with a man cave you need to put your own personality into it and the people who have built this room have done just that.

The dusty old sofa is another firm favourite of mine, it looks like it would be one of the comfiest sofas you’ve ever sat on but I know for sure that my mum wouldn’t have ever let that thing come neer the front doors of the house. Perfect for a skateboard man cave.

I also love the fact that they’ve painted the mini ramp in a watermelon colourway. Again, adding their own personality to the room to make sure that you never forget that time you visited the watermelon half pipe

Short and sweet for this one, I just wanted to really give a round of applause to the people that made this room and help people recognise that you don’t need a hell of a lot, okay maybe just a half pipe, to build a half decent man cave.

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