So, this is a man cave built by @TTTHEFINEPRINTTT has been taken to a whole new level, a man cave on wheels, a man cave that you can take to any area of the country, sounds amazing, right?

I think it’s kind of contradictory to what a man cave is for, because to me a man cave is to escape everyday life for an hour or two, it’s a space in your home that allows you to go and game, smoke cigars, play poker or other things and then you can return to normality afterwards.

So the idea of a moving man cave on wheels is something that intrigues me! Let’s take a look at his gaming set up to see what all the fuss is about;

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about a dark oak aesthetic that really gets me going… if I could clad my whole house in dark oak then I would. So the fact that his whole van is built out with this makes me very envious.

So after my earlier scepticism of the room I am now seeing the appeal to building a man cave on wheels. You have everything you could ever need, all within reaching distance and the best thing about it is that you can up and travel whenever you want and still have this whole gaming set up with you for when you get back off the trails.

The actual set up isn’t anything crazy, but he’s able to have everything he wants along on the ride with him in his van, and this is something that I really admire.

So, he’s got the gaming set up, but what other commodities has he got on this van with him?

Not only does he have a whole gaming set up, but he’s also carrying around a fully functioning kitchen with running water & a large fridge! This means that where ever this mobile man cave is he is able to cook himself a meal or grab a drink whenever he feels like it, and best yet he might not even have to move to go and grab a beer from the fridge, isn’t that what dreams are made of?

A man cave fridge is vital for any aspiring man cavers and the fact that he’s managed to put one into his mobile man cave is very cool, I just love the fact you could roll out of bed in the morning straight into the kitchen to make some breakfast and then step one step to your left and be gaming in an instant.

So, this post has been a bit of a different concept, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from. Is there scope to build a mobile man cave and have a room that travels around the country with you. Surely this is every aspiring travellers dream, to take everything you know and love away with you to the mountains and then once you’re done outside come back in to your man cave kitted out with beers in the fridge and your gaming set up ready to go.

I know some mountain bikers have some great set ups where they have a whole garage out of the back of their vans so I’ll feature that in my next post to compare against this mobile gaming man cave.

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