Many people this year have had to try and find space in their homes to work at because of the virus. So why not find a boring space in your home and turn it into your very own man cave office?

If you ask others what they think of when you say the words ‘man cave’ you’d think of a vast American basement or attic, but the reality of the phrase is that a man cave is an area or space that a man calls his own to be at one with his own thoughts or to work on personal projects or to access his hobbies.

So it got me thinking about how much space you actually need in order to have your own ‘man cave’. The answer, not much space at all, find yourself a boring piece of space in the house that you can turn in your very own man cave office and get to work, we’ll list the main things you’ll need below;

Man Cave Desk

The first thing you’ll need is a desk, you can buy one online from sites like Amazon or even Etsy, but, why not try and make your own with some old scaffolding boards and legs from Amazon, there’s nothing better than creating something by hand for your man cave, there’s something cave man like about being the man and creating something with your bare hands…

Some Kind Of PC, Laptop Or Tablet

The next thing you’ll need is some kind of system to complete your hobbies or projects, this could be as simple as a drill or as complex as an Ipad Pro.

When you’re sat at your desk you need to decide exactly what it is you’ll be doing and work backwards from there, are you going to be doing arts and crafts or will you be creating a podcast, whatever it is find out exactly what you need and plan out what you want to fill your desk with.

Man Cave Chair

Next but not least is some kind of chair. You don’t need to have the next-gen gaming chairs that all these YouTubers have nowadays. If you check out a gentleman man cave we looked at recently you’ll see that you can get some fantastic leather desk chairs that will really make your man cave desk become a feature not just a simple chair.

Man Cave Lighting

Nothing makes a great man cave better than some awesome man cave lighting, the image above from u/CptMisterNibbles shows how you can use RGB / LED lighting to make each cubby hole stand out. If you’re clever with the way you position the lighting then you’ll be able to make your man cave desk really stand out.

Man Cave Accessories

Now it’s time to accessorize. Are you a gamer? Get some figurines and some headphone holders. Are you a photographer? then kit out your desk with some photography accessories. The world is your oyster when it comes to kitting out your man cave and accessorising, check out our product magazine for some of the best products we’ve found online for your man cave.

We just wanted to thank u/CptMisterNibbles for sharing his man cave desk set-up with us and hopefully they can inspire you to create your very own space in your homes and claim it for yourself.

As always if you have a man cave you want to share with us then please email pictures and information to us at