If you’ve read any of my blog posts you know that most of my findings come from Reddit. I got speaking with Ely when I saw his post on r/battlestations and it blew my mind how clean it was and how aesthetically pleasing it was.

I really hope you take some inspiration from this if you’re looking to turn your desk set up into your man cave and honestly this is the best one i’ve seen by far!

We asked Ely to give us a short description of his set up and his favourite parts and he said the following;

“I wanted a setup that can inspire, but also make me feel comfortable while being seated for hours of the day.

Since I use this space to edit photos for my photography business, I also wanted a space that I could use for some product placements.

I’m not the biggest fan of RGB but wanted a few lights to bring ambience to the spot, as well as bringing ease while streaming. One of my favourite pieces to my setup has to be my custom keyboards. As big as a money pit they are, it’s always rewarding typing on something that is comfortable, as well as satisfying too.

I have a huge love for the game Rainbow Six Siege, so I decided to wrap the Corsair 257R in my fav OP/Teams at the moment!

Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours, you had to have some greenery, so why not bring the outdoors to you with some fake plants.

Having inspirational quotes is always nice, so adding a neon sign to keep you in check is always a must I do say so. The character can really define your environment, making it different from others is nice. I decided to add these 3d Wall panels, and it just ties up everything together so nicely.


As I say, I have not seen a set up this good for a long time, and this has to be up there as the best as inspiration for your own man cave desk setups.

The 3D wall panelling is something that really sets the character of the room. I’ve always said, if you don’t have the floor space to make an impact then use as much of the wall space as possible. Panelling a whole wall and putting a really striking Neon Sign in the middle of it makes for an amazingly pleasing feature wall.

You can tell by the monitors, lighting & microphone that this is a serious streaming and gaming set up. You don’t have to spend as much money as Ely has here but you can achieve a similar et up by shopping around and either buying cheaper products or second hand products from re-sellers.

The desk itself is held up by the Alex drawers from Ikea, they’re hardly ever in stock in the UK anymore but they’re so effective as desk legs, there’s lots of videos on YouTube on how to make your own Alex drawer desk so if you like this one go and check them out!

Another great piece of advice is having some kind of greenery on your desk. Studies have shown that having some kind of plant in your office or on your desk can improve productivity by 20% – 45%, they look good and they’re actually good for you,what more do you need?

Again I want to thank Ely for taking the time to send us pictures of his man cave desk setup, it really is up there as one of my favourite desk set ups i’ve seen for a long time!

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