If you’re looking to make a football inspired man cave, then this post is for you. U/MudSlugger has combined his love for the West Virginia Mountaineers Football Team with a space in his home that doesn’t just showcase his love of football but also his eye for creating a great room, i’ve listed all of the main features below so you can skip to bits that interest you most;

  1. Wooden Carved Pool Table
  2. Wooden foosball table / table top soccer
  3. Bar space
  4. Living room / seating area
  5. Dart Board
  6. Mountaineers wall art
  7. Arcade machines

Let’s take a look at each area in a bit more detail;

r/mancave - Remodeled Mountaineer Man Cave

First off, let’s take a look at this wooden carved pool table. In a man cave of this size you have to think about filling space, and what better way to do that than with a giant pool table, not only are they hours of fun, but when you buy a table like this, it becomes a piece of art and a talking piece in the room. The Mountaineers pool table cover is such a nice little touch that just adds that personality to the man cave.

r/mancave - Remodeled Mountaineer Man Cave

Take the cover off and it looks even better, if I had any kind of criticism it would be the red colour, but that’s just my OCD kicking in… I can only imagine the hours of fun had at this table so far, nice work!

r/mancave - Remodeled Mountaineer Man Cave

One thing I wasn’t expecting to see in a football man cave is a table-top soccer game or ‘foosball table’. Although, i’m not surprised as they are such good fun, if you want to kill a long period of time then have a game of pool, but if you want a quick and exciting game foosball is perfect!

Every good man cave is not complete without a good man cave bar. And this one is simple, but it does everything you would ever want it to. Somewhere to sit and good liquors up on the shelf, say no more. The little Jameson’s sign and the bar sign are nice little features, and again add that little bit of personality that you need.

Step around to the left and you’ll find a living room that looks super comfy. I feel like you could sit in those couches for hours watching a film or a sports game. And the giant bean bag is a different story all in itself, only problem is getting out of one without looking like a toddler getting up after falling over.

The tv up on the wall is another great man cave addition and the units match the colour scheme which ties everything together nicely.

r/mancave - Remodeled Mountaineer Man Cave

You would never be bored in this man cave… Bored of the TV, Pool and Foosball? Well don’t worry! There’s a dart board hiding around the corner of this man cave. I’ve seen prettier dart boards in some of the man caves i’ve toured before and we’ve written a piece on the different ideas for man cave dart boards, you can read it here. But i’m not saying this one isn’t good! I’m just saying that it is more practical than beautiful.

That being said, there’s evidence of hours of fun here with the hundreds of dart holes, there’s even some in the roof… And that’s all that matters, don’t worry about the presentation, worry about how practical and usable the space is.

r/mancave - Remodeled Mountaineer Man Cave

I genuinely believe that the most important thing in your man cave is the personality that it portrays. and man cave wall art is something that can really help to bring out your personality in many ways.

Take this wall art for example, anyone who doesn’t like Football or the mountaineers will think this is hideous, but, to a Mountaineers fan it will be the best thing in the world to look at.

And that’s the most important thing here, you don’t make a man cave to impress other people, you make a man cave to impress yourself.

And just when you thought you’d seen everything this man cave has to offer, you turn the corner and find 3 retro arcade machines sat waiting for you to get addicted to!

With the NBA Jam game being one of my absolute favourites, there’s some real love gone into picking these arcade games and I for one absolutely love any man cave that has arcade machines in them. The amount of money they cost is almost irrelevant because of the nostalgia and fun you have on them.

So, to wrap up…

I absolutely love this man cave, I think they’ve been able to utilise the large space so effectively with a tonne of games and a huge comfy lounge space

It means you could have 10 people in that man cave all doing different things and they’d never get bored!

I hope you take inspiration from this, and as always make sure you check out more of our man cave tours for more inspiration too, by clicking here