This is a post for our beginner man cavers, for those who are looking to hang things up in their man cave but aren’t quite sure what they can hang up and how they go about doing so. And being honest, it’s not as easy as you might think. There’s all sorts of things to hang and all different wall types and different wall plugs to consider when hanging your prize possessions up on the walls of your man cave.

How do you hang things on the wall of your man cave?

I think it’s important that we start with how you hang things up on the walls of your man cave so that we can then list some cool things that you can whack up in no time.
One very important thing to point out… You’re going to need to check your walls before you drill in to them, you need to make sure there’s no pipes or electrical wires behind the piece of wall you are going to drill in to, because otherwise you could seriously injure yourself or damage your house! Check out this video about how to check for wires and pipes before drilling –

There’s 3 different types of wall that you could be fitting in to;

  1. Brick
    With a brick wall you’re going to have to drill into the wall with a brick drill bit that is the same size as the brick wall anchors that you’re going to use. For example, if you’re using 7mm wall anchors then you’re going to have to drill a 7mm hole in the wall with a masonry drill bit. Watch this video if you’re still unsure on how to drill in to brick –
  2. Plasterboard

Plasterboard is a lot easier to drill in to, but you do need a plasterboard wall anchor. All you need to do is drill through the plasterboard wall and then screw in to the plasterboard anchor, this then secures itself against the back of the cavity in the wall.

  1. Wood / Wooden board
    Wood is the easiest of them all, just simply apply screws directly to the wooden beam of wall and it will grip. Simple.

What different items should you consider hanging in your man cave?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to figuring out what to hang on the walls of your man cave, but below are a list of the best things you can hang up;

Have you got a specific team or teams that you follow religiously every week? Maybe you’ve got a favourite player and you’ve purchased a framed jersey of this player, this is definitely something worthy of wall space, and in my eyes the more the merrier.

  • Pictures

There’s nothing wrong with framing some of your favourite photos and hanging them up on the wall in your man cave, maybe you’ve got a favourite photo of you and your friends, or a few great family photos. Get them up on the wall of your man cave and enjoy them forever.

Got a favourite movie and want to collect some cool merchandise from the film and whack it up on the wall, go for it! There’s so much to choose from and so many different kinds of merchandise that you can put up on your wall.

Tv posters are so cool, and do you know what? Getting them framed and hanging them up on your wall is such a great way of decorating your man cave. They’re colourful and bring back so many memories, get them up on the wall of your man cave as soon as you can!

Scarves are such a flexible piece of wall art and are a great way to showcase your support for a team without having to spend hundreds of dollars getting things framed and hung, simply hang these with pins in your wall and you’ll create a great feature piece.

For the more sophisticated man cavers, some of you may have a man cave dedicated to the artwork you own, and this is great! Get these up on the wall and bore your friends to death with the detail of each piece. They’ll learn to love it in the long run!

  • Bikes

If you have a man cave garage and you store all of your bikes in there then why not look at hanging them up on the wall instead? There are so many bike wall mounts on Amazon to choose from and they allow you to clear up the floor space whilst also decorating your man cave!

  • Tools

I’ve done this in my own man cave, get yourself a large peg board and start to hang your tools up on the wall, it’s such a great way of storing all of your tools in your man cave and it looks great, you won’t have to dive into tool boxes to grab that one screwdriver you need, it’s right there up on the wall in front of you. I highly recommend this.

  • Shelving

Another great way to store items up on the walls of your man cave is with shelving, relatively easy to put up and some of the industrial pipe shelving can look so smart! You can have your mugs, figurines, trophies and all sorts on these shelves and not have to worry about making some extra holes in the walls to hang them!

  • Tv’s

The last great piece of wall art we have for you is the TV. If you’re a big sports fan and want a huge TV in your man cave then why not hang it up on the wall with a TV wall mount. They’re great for freeing up some unit space and you can then store even more of your prized possessions in your man cave.

I really did mean it when I said the possibilities are endless. Take some time to plan and research exactly you want to hang up on the walls of your man cave and make sure you have the right tools and information and get started! You’ll be a seasoned pro in no time

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