I’ve been editing this digital man cave magazine for a few months now on my 2013 MacBook Pro, and don’t get me wrong it’s been an absolute trooper for the 8-9 years I’ve owned it, but I’ve recently taken the plunge and bought myself the new iPad Air, and I’m here to tell you why the 2020 iPad Air 4 is absolutely perfect or any man cave / man caver.

The new iPad Air 4 is multi-functional & unbelievably powerful

One minute you’ve got this iPad in the corner of your man cave simply sat playing music (the speakers are great on this thing) the next minute you’re using it to watch Netflix, Game, respond to emails & in my case edit a website.

The 2020 IPad Air is an absolute machine when it comes to productivity, so much so that I now use it as my main gadget for getting anything done for work & for play…

You would usually think of an iPad as something you would give to the kids to amuse them whilst you spend time getting some rest, but this thing is going to amuse you for hours whilst the rest off the family is sat wondering where you are and if you’ve gone missing!

This iPad Air 4 is absolutely perfect for any man cave or man caver because it’s not just an iPad anymore, it’s an all round, Jack of all trades, master of none multi-functional machine that can be used for everything you’re going to need it for.

The iPad Air 4 is portable and ergonomically perfect for almost any situation

let’s actually think sit and think about the different situations where you’re going to need a ‘device’ at home and around your man cave.

Because with the iPad Air, gone are the times that you have to sit at a desk to be comfortable and get everything you need done (I know some of you love sitting at a desk, don’t hate me)

I find myself now sitting in positions on my sofa I didn’t even think were possible and getting more work done than ever before with this iPad…

Want to lay on your man cave sofa and play Assassins Creed Valhalla through Google Stadia, easy for this

Want to multitask and watch your favourite YouTube whilst sorting through your monthly expenditure (you know, the boring manly stuff we have to do) again, easy!

You can take this iPad almost anywhere in any position and do what you’ve set out to do.

There are some great accessories out there that can turn your iPad from amazing to irreplacable

Genuinely, all I have on my iPad Air 4 is a bifold case and a matte screen protector, this transforms the viewing angles of my iPad and turns it into a productivity machine like no other.

Now, if you’re a psycho and want to spend the £300 on a magic keyboard then you’re going to build yourself a little set up that is unmatched by any other product other than the M1 MacBook airs at the minute.

And now the iPad Air 4 has usb type c you can connect some great adapters that will allow you to connect this to a bigger screen, use usb storage options and import pictures through an SD card slot. Meaning your portable production machine has now morphed into a fully fledged desktop setup.

The possibilities really are endless for your man cave if you start to accessorise your IPad to accustom your needs.

All in all, I believe you improve your man cave by simply having an iPad Air 4

lots of you will say this is stupid, why would I want to buy an iPad for my man cave when I’ve already got a desktop pc or laptop that do exactly what I need them to? and you’re right if that’s the case

what I’m saying is, if you need to update your toys in your man cave and want something that can not only work through high quality documents and videos like they’re nothing but also be your main source of content consumption then the iPad Air 4 is definitely a great option to look at

I hope this has bought some value for you, as always if you’ve got anything you’d like to say leave a comment below or email us – kitoutmymancave@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you.